Well, listen to this. 163 million dollars. That's the estimate, right now the latest estimate for what kind of impact this one convention, this just lasts several days, has in San Diego. In fact, San Diego itself is now on a battle to hold on to this

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After a day off to celebrate Presidents Day, CNN Student News is back! So am I. Thanks for spending some of your Tuesday with us. I'm Carl Azuz. Let's get to today's headlines. Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, has a message f

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Flight the 447 was in the air and moving accross,when it's some particularly cold weather. The petal trubes at the front of the plane suddenly started to give their stuff and they gave incorrect readings that led to the dissengagement of the auto pil

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It is very disspointing that he will not own up his responsibility in this particular crime and we acturally looking forward to the independent forensic expert report that acutally do out on saturday this week which we believe the turning point to br

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I want to apologize to my friends and my family and my fans and everyone in every community who are offended with this.I didnt know.I didn't mean it.And that's how I feel about it.I dont have a hateful bone in my body.I dont believe that anyone shoul

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CNN Radio, I am Mitchell Right. Our cover story were getting in the first report of how things went in today's spring court hearing over the president's healthcare law. CNN's Lisa reports this sounds ominous first arguments. Day one focused on a tech

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before Frank Gaffney was focusing on Huma Abedin, he was casting suspicion on a conservative named Grover Norquist, who's married to a Muslim woman. Now Norquist, you might have heard his name, he's famous for asking Republican candidates to take a p

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We are bringing the world to your classroom, this is CNN Student News. Hello, everyone,and welcome on this Friday May 6th.My name is Carl Azuz,and as we kick off today's headlines we're beginning at Ground Zero. That's the site of World Trade Center

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All right. This hour, our special coverage continues in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Hello, everyone. I'm Michael Holmes. And I'm Carol Costello. We would like to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world. And we want to bring

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Keeping Them Honest now. With yet another troubling case of a charity that is asking you to open your wallet for a good cause but where the money actually, where it actually goes is a completely different story. Now over the past couple of weeks, if

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Thousands of protesters gathered in Sanford Florida today along with civil right jacketers like Jason Jackson, Alshapton for a rally and marched to police headquaters. They're demanding the arrest of the neighborhood watch volunteer George Zemaman in

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The introduction from half way around the world,awesome! Thank you to those students , thanks for all af you who spend part of your thesday with CNN student news. First up today is the annual april deadline for america to fire their taxes.All right,h

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not the how I spent my summer vacation story anybody would choose if they had a choice, but 17-year-old Kaleb Langdale didn't. The alligator that almost killed him four days ago wasn't asking for any opinions. The Florida teenager lost the lower half

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Im Anderson Cooper. Welcome to Podcast. We confronted a woman who runs a charity that tugs at your heartstrings, but the question is where is the money go? We keeping them honest. We begin tonight, Keeping them Honest with a woman who has been making

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Good afternoon, I'm Naamua Delaney at the CNN Center in Atlanta. Here's a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS. We are expecting a judge to set bond today for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick and his ex-chief of staff are being arraign

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The words of legendary football coach Jeo Pertenal,This is a tragedy,one of the great sorrows in my life ,I wish I had done more Pertenal anouced to be retiring at the end of the season.No charge has been filed against the Penn state coach.But a form

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Take for an example, bio-diesel fuel can be made from vegetable oil and animal fats, and its chemical make up includes carbin chains, joush worth knows that he didn't learn the chemistry class and hasn't taken chemistry yet. Brook horper, a field in

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From the CNN Center in Atlanta. I'm Nicole Lapin. Here's a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS. We now have a name and a face but still no motive for the deadly shooting at Northern Illinois University. A law enforcement source identified the s

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From the CNN Center in Atlanta, I'm Nicole Lapin. Thanks so much for checking in with us today. Here's a look at what's happening right Now In The News. We now know that at least six people were injured when a school bus crashed in Palmdale. Police

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Hello, there. I'm Virgina Cha at the CNN Center in Atlanta with a look at what's happening NOW IN THE NEWS. The FBI says it is investigating several home fires near Seattle as a potential act of domestic terrorism. Authorities say the fires are susp

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