By Marianne Kearney Jakarta 07 February 2008 A remote village in the central highlands of Indonesia's Papua province is now better connected to the outside world because of a new radio station. Marianne Kearney has more from Jakarta. Until three mont

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By Selah Hennessy Dakar 08 October 2007 Renegade general Laurent Nkunda says his rebel forces are abandoning a U.N.-mediated ceasefire with the Congolese government. Congo's defense minister says the government wants to use dialogue to solve the cris

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By Noel King Goma, DRC 22 November 2007 Food prices are skyrocketing in eastern Congo's volatile North Kivu province as Laurent Nkunda's rebels and the Congolese army engage in what aid workers and the United Nations are calling a game of stopping an

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By Peta Thornycroft Harare 18 February 2008 There is growing uncertainty in Zimbabwe as politicians and analysts realize that President Robert Mugabe is likely to face a run off after the March 29 elections. For VOA, Peta Thornycroft in Harare report

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By Jim Stevenson Washington 14 November 2007 The U.S. Soccer Federation has announced the hiring of Sweden's Pia Sundhage to coach the American women's national team through the 2008 Beijing Olympics. VOA's Jim Stevenson reports. Sundhage, who starre

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By VOA Sports Washington, DC 01 December 2007 The United States has taken an unbeatable 3-0 lead over Russia to capture the Davis Cup tennis title for the first time in 12 years. In front of a cheering crowd in Portland, Oregon, the world number one

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By Selah Hennessy Goma 20 December 2007 In late 2007, government and rebel fighters resumed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, struggling for control of hills in the eastern part of the country and forcing hundreds of thousands of Congoles

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By Peta Thornycroft Harare 21 April 2008 Zimbabwe's private hospitals are full of people who have suffered violence since results of parliamentary elections were announced early this month. Peta Thornycroft reports from Harare that the victims, mostl

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By Cindy Saine Washington 18 December 2007 The United Nations has faced a number of challenges during the past year, among them, the ongoing crisis in Sudan's Darfur region and a brutal crackdown on anti-government demonstrators in Burma. VOA's Cindy

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By Peter Heinlein New York City 05 October 2007 Runners on the streets of New York are commonplace this time of year. There is the marathon next month, and occasionally, other organized runs. But one annual event has skyrocketed to prominence in rece

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By Phuong Tran Dakar 18 October 2007 Mauritanian officials are pursuing terrorism charges against five men they say belong to a radical terror group with ties to Osama bin Laden. Phuong Tran has more from VOA's West Africa bureau in Dakar. Mauritania

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By Behnam Nateghi Washington, DC 05 February 2008 Relations between the U.S. and Iran have been strained for some time over Tehran's nuclear program. A recent encounter in the Persian Gulf between their naval forces illustrated the extreme tensions t

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By Anya Ardayeva Moscow 22 October 2007 Kyrgyzstan's president has dissolved his country's parliament, a day after a referendum in which voters approved broad constitutional amendments. Anya Ardayeva reports for VOA from Moscow a date for elections h

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By Barry Wood Belgrade 03 February 2008 Serbian pro-Western President Boris Tadic has claimed victory over his ultra-nationalist challenger Tomislav Nikolic in a closely contested runoff vote. VOA's Barry Wood in Belgrade reports that amid mild and s

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By Edward Yeranian Beirut 13 February 2008 Lebanon's pro-Iranian Hezbollah guerilla group is accusing Israel in the car bomb explosion in Damascus, overnight, that killed Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh- wanted in dozens of terror attacks Lebanon

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By Jim Teeple Jerusalem 13 February 2008 Officials in Israel say they are not responsible for the bombing that killed Imad Mughniyeh, a senior Hezbollah leader involved in terrorist attacks against Israel and the West for three decades. VOA's Jim Tee

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By Noel King Kigali 19 October 2007 Congo's 2006 democratic elections were intended to usher in a new era of peace in the once war-torn nation. And while improvements have been seen in certain areas across the vast country, holdout armed groups in th

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By Siri Nyrop Washington 14 November 2007 In the United States, she is almost as famous as the rock stars and political leaders she photographs. Celebrities consider it an honor to have Annie Leibovitz take their portrait. As Siri Nyrop reports, the

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By Nancy-Amelia Collins Jakarta 12 October 2007 Muslims around the world are ready to celebrate one of the most important holidays on the Islamic calendar, Eid-al Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. In Indonesia, which has the

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By Steve Herman Goa, India 07 February 2008 Mining, along with tourism, forms the economic backbone of India's seaside state of Goa. Environmental concerns recently halted much of the iron ore extraction, but the way has been now cleared for resumpti

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