I'm going to tell you a little bit about my TEDxHouston Talk. 我要跟大家讲一点关于我TEDxHouston演讲的事。 I woke up the morning after I gave that talk with the worst vulnerability hangover of my life. 在演讲之后的那个早上,是

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The first is: vulnerability is not weakness. 第一件事,脆弱不是弱点。 And that myth is profoundly dangerous. 并且这种错误理解非常危险。 Let me ask you honestly -- and I'll give you this warning, I'm trained as a therapist, so

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And here's Billie Jean running across the fountain, being chased by Hubie Pyatt's friends. 比利金跑过喷泉,被胡比派特的朋友们追着。 And she jumps over here. And you can see the shot right here is what it looks like today. 她从这里

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I'm going to talk about a failure of intuition that many of us suffer from. 我想谈论一种我们很多人都经历过的来自于直觉上的失误。 It's really a failure to detect a certain kind of danger. 它让人们无法察觉到一种特定

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Sebastian Wernicke认为每个TED演讲都能用6个字概括。在TEDxZurich苏黎世,他展示了如何用6个或更少词汇来做到这点。

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And I sometimes wonder 有时候我在想 whether I could have found such fulfillment 如果婚姻和孩子 in marriage and children 来得更容易些, if they'd come more readily, 我是否会找到这样的满足, if I'd been straight in my yo

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So, for example, in a distant era now, 比如说,在以前一个遥远的时代, it was common when one gave a speech to basically talk like writing. 当一个人作演讲,说起话来像在写作一样,是很平常的事情。 So I mean the

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I loved to write from the age of four, and when I was six, my mom bought me my own laptop equipped with Microsoft Word. 四岁的时候我就喜欢上写作,六岁的时候,我妈给我买了台装有微软Word软件的个人手提电脑。 Thank

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I was asked last year to give a speech 去年我曾被邀请在 at the Oslo Freedom Forum. 奥斯陆自由论坛上做演讲 I was surrounded by this love 我觉得我周围 and the support of people around me, 都是来自人们的爱与支持 and t

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Now the other thing you'll notice about the top 10 there is, 另外一件你注意到的前十名的事情是, of course, they're all, apart from New Zealand, Western European nations. 当然,除了新西兰以外,它们都是欧州国家。 Th

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At first, living in the van was great. I showered in campgrounds. 一开始,住在车里是很不错的。我在露天洗澡。 I ate out regularly. And I had time to relax and to grieve. 正常的去外面吃东西。而且有时间去抒发情感。

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TED演讲,很好的英语听力材料,视频中讲解职场上如何与陌生人保持关系,一起来听一下把。 1.陌生人能打破生活的僵局,给你未知的惊喜和变化,人与人之间的差异性让人着迷~ 2.基于搜索历

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When I was 19, I was in a really bad car accident. 在我19岁的时候,发生了一场很严重的车祸。 I was thrown out of a car, rolled several times. I was thrown from the car. 我整个人飞出车外,滚了好几圈。我是被扔出车外

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想创业吗?让David S.Rose在这个怎样说服风险投资者的TED演讲中,教您在打开幻灯片之前,就应该知道的10样关于您自己的事情,去说服风险投资者。

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关于建立培养创造力(而不是扼杀创造力)的教育体系,Ken Robinson发表了一番幽默生动的演讲。

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We then have these coders look at these tapes, four of them. 接着我们得出下列四种结果。 They're blind to the hypothesis. They're blind to the conditions. 他们不知道假设前提。他们不知道具体情形。 They have no idea who'

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One thing the world needs, 有一样东西,这个世界非常需要, one thing this country desperately needs 这个国家更是迫切需要 is a better way of conducting our political debates. 那就是一种更好地进行政治辩论的方法

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But the next question, of course, is, can power posing for a few minutes really change your life in meaningful ways? 但下一个问题,当然,就是维持数分钟的姿势是否真能引导一个更有意义的人生呢? This is in the lab, i

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