ESL Podcast 312 Different Work Styles GLOSSARY autonomy independence; ability and opportunity to work alone, without otherpeople; the freedom to make ones own decisions* Many teenagers fight with their parents because they want more autonomy. self-di

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ESL Podcast 324 Corporate Sponsorship GLOSSARY funding money for a specific purpose; money that is meant to be used for a particular program, project, or organization* How much funding is needed each year to keep the aquarium open? strapped broke; wi

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ESL Podcast 252 A Workers Strike GLOSSARY to strike to refuse to work because the workers are protesting (showing thatthey do not approve of) something* The teachers are striking because they want to get more money for the work that they do. manageme

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ESL Podcast 232 Business Bookkeeping GLOSSARY on the side extra; in addition to ones regular job * Janice works as a science teacher at the high school,but she offers privateclasses for younger students on the side to make extra money. accounting the

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ESL Podcast 256 Looking for Ideas GLOSSARY to jot down ᄄC to quickly write down something; to note something quickly* Let me jot down your phone number before you leave, so I can call you nextweek. to draw a blank ᄄC to not be able to think of a

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ESL Podcast 240 Working Overtime GLOSSARYovertime time worked in addition to the regular 40 hours of work in a week* Accountants usually work overtime in March and April, when they have to dotheir clients taxes before the April 15 deadline. to not mi

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ESL Podcast 244 Critiquing Someones Work GLOSSARYto look over to quickly review something; to quickly read something to giveones opinion about it* Do you think youll have time this afternoon to look over this report before I giveit to the company pre

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ESL Podcast 246 Understanding Addresses GLOSSARY mailing address the details of where a letter or package can be sent; eitherwhere the business or home is located, or a post office box * The business is located on Main Street, but its mailing address

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ESL Podcast 248 Business Websites GLOSSARY bookmarked saved in a list in ones Internet browser so that one can easily goto a particular website* When Gisela used Harolds computer, she was surprised to see that he hadbookmarked so many websites about

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ESL Podcast 272 Time Management GLOSSARY to be snowed under to have too much work to do; to be very busy* During finals week, students are snowed under with exams and essays. efficient able to do things very well and very quickly, without wasting tim

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ESL Podcast 276 The Stock Market GLOSSARY stock market the stock exchange; the buying and selling of stocks or shares (small parts in the ownership of a public company)* Dora decided to enter the stock market by buying stock in three large computerco

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ESL Podcast 280 Viral Marketing GLOSSARY buzz excitement and interest about something* In the early part of this year, there was a lot of buzz about a new computer thatcould do everything! viral marketing the ways that a company gets people to share

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ESL Podcast 282 Offending Someone GLOSSARY to grab to quickly reach out and hold something in ones hand* When Bala slipped on the ice, he grabbed his friends shoulder so that hewouldnt fall. off-color in poor taste; not appropriate; inappropriate; no

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13 Improving Your Looks GLOSSARY agent a person whose job is to represent actors, musicians, writers, or othertypes of artist to help them find work * Sara is thinking of becoming a model, but she needs to find a good agent first. potential the possi

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ESL Podcast 301 Buying a Mens Suit GLOSSARY suit professional clothing of a jacket and pants made from the same fabric* I always wear my best suit to important business meetings. contemporary modern; related to the present time; not old-fashioned; no

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ESL Podcast 300 Arriving for an Appointment GLOSSARY office manager a person who is responsible for the administration and daily operations of an office* The office manager will help you write a job description and hire a newemployee. receptionist a

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ESL Podcast 296 Bad Manners at a Business Lunch GLOSSARY client customer; a person who buys products or services from a company* This bank has more than 3,000 clients in this city. manners the way that one behaves around other people, either politely

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ESL Podcast 284 A Friendly Rivalry GLOSSARY to rub (ones) nose in it to remind someone that one has something that he orshe doesnt have; to not let someone forget that one is better than him or her insome way* Baudette did much better on the exam tha

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ESL Podcast 288 A Business Contract GLOSSARY contract a written agreement between two or more people, businesses, ororganizations* Many cell phone companies make their customers sign a six-month or one-yearservice contract. party a person, business,

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ESL Podcast 292 Business Insurance GLOSSARY to lose control of (something) to no longer be in control of something; to notbe able to influence how something moves or happens* When I was driving home last night, I thought I was going to lose control o

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