A US military refuelling plane has crashed in Kyrgyzstan after exploding in mid air. The aircraft took off from the US military transit center in Kyrgyzstans Manas airport, established for NATO operations in neighbouring Afghanistan. 一架美国军用

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Shao Gang, Consulting Director, Entgroup Consulting, said, Its a new tactic Hollywood studios have been using to avoid violating rules on co-production in China by using Chinese actors and filming in China. The upcoming Transformers 4 and World War Z

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A gold rush that swept China during the May Day holidays is continuing. Sales of jeweler and gold bars soared, as the price of gold fell. 五月份席卷中国的购金热潮仍在持续。由于黄金价格下跌,珠宝商和金条的销量飙升。

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The giant duck is also bringing a boost to nearby businesses in Hong Kong. And among all kinds of available souvenirs, yellow duckling desserts are proving to be the most popular. 大黄鸭对香港相关企业的发展起到了促进作用。在各种

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France has reported a second case of a new type of corona virus infection. 法国有报道称发现第二例新型冠状病毒。 The 50-year-old man shared a ward with the only other known case in the country, a possible sign of human-to-human trans

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He was warmly greeted by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after the landing of his plane, which was escorted to the airport by two Venezuelan fighter jets after it entered the Venezuelan airspace. In remarks made upon arrival, Xi said the sincere

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A CCTV correspondent asked people on the streets of Tokyo about what they know about the Nanjing Massacre. Many people said that they had never heard of the massacre. A former professor of Hokuriku University who has been studying the history of Worl

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The Spring Festival Gala is just weeks away. As the most important celebration for many Chinese people, sitting in front of the TV with family and watching CCTVs Spring Festival Gala is something of a tradition. But who will be hosting this epic, ann

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NATO foreign ministers are meeting in the Turkish resort city of Antalya for a second day. It is the first time since 2011 that such a meeting is being held outside Brussels. During the two-day talks, foreign ministers are expected to devise a strate

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China has proposed adopting a step-by-step approach to deal with the conflict in Syria. The Chinese special envoy to Syria, Xie Xiaoyan, spoke to CCTV after international talks in Vienna. We need to adhere to the principle of doing simple things firs

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Before this round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, a senior official from the US Department of State told CCTV that the US will push forward the negotiations on bilateral investment and trade. During the interview, Principal Deputy Assist

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CCTV reporter Wu Lei is at the epicenter of the quake in the Longtoushan Township in Ludian County. Lets go live to him now for the latest. Q1: Wu Lei, we hear you are with a team of rescue workers this afternoon. Tell us what youve seen. Q2: What ar

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While Chinese people bask in the afterglow of Lunar-New-Year celebrations, a BBC documentary - entitled Chinese New Year, the Biggest Celebration on Earth - is coming to CCTV's documentary channel. It reflects the growing global recognition of the fe

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The U.S. media is paying close attention to this years Two Sessions in China. Following Premier Li Keqiangs announcement that Chinas economic growth target for 2016 is between six-and-a-half and seven percent, there was immediate reaction in U.S. pap

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To talk more about China's environmental protection targets, we have Wu Changhua, the Greater China Director of the Climate Group. But before we start, let's take a look at a set of numbers to have a clearer picture of how bad the environment is. Air

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CCTV Foreign Affairs Reporter Su Yuting spoke with Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, for more on China's stance towards the Philippine election and the South China Sea Issue. The Philippine election has grabbed the media's attention. What does Chin

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For the latest, CCTV reporter Hu Nan joins us from the field. She has been following the rescue efforts at the landslide site. Q1. Any updates on the latest rescue efforts, the missing people, and further rescue plans? Q2. More rainfall is expected i

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China has the world's third largest landmass and a wealth of natural resources. But as the world's most populous nation moves further along the path of industrialization and urbanization, water -- the very basis of life -- is becoming more scarce. Ov

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To discuss this, let's return to my colleague, CCTV News anchor Tian Wei, and Li Zhihui, from the Xinhua News Agency. Q1. Premier Li Keqiang said the government plans to use two years to achieve the direct settlement of hospital expenses of retired p

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Tuesday at 8, CCTV's Mandarin Finance Channel will present its annual 'March 15th Show', to mark World Consumer Rights Day. It features undercover and investigative reports into quality scandals in China. With the government seeking to transform Chin

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