across 横过 across the river 横渡这条河 along 沿着 another 另一个

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Lesson 5 fired 被解雇 2.editor 编辑 3.extreme 极端 4.fax 传真 解雇 6.go to press (杂志、报纸等)要付印 7.impatient 不耐烦的 8.journalist 记者 9.lead to 通往 10.originally 起初,原先,从前 11.palace 王宫

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Lesson 13 1.consisted of (过去时)v.由......组成 2.consist vi.由......组成, 在于, 一致 3.costume n.化装服 4.dress up as v.打扮成, 装饰成, 伪装成 5.effective adj.有明显效果的,有作用的 6.electricity n.电 7.flee v.逃走

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[00:01.00]Unit 1 Lesson 1 Introductions I [00:27.41]1.Quercio? Yes.Q-U-E-R-C-I-O.Quercio. Oh yes,here it is. [00:44.40]2.Excuse me.Are you Tony Quercio? Yes I am. [00:49.58]Are you here for the American Library Association Conference? Yes. [00:53.47]

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[00:08.00]Unit 8 Lesson 1 No problem [00:10.80]1.Excuse me. Hi.Can I help you? [00:15.38]I have an appointment at the Blacksmith House Cafe in Cambridge. [00:18.67]How can I get there,please. [00:20.35]2.Do you know where in Cambridge? It's in Harvar

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ANNE:This won't take a minute. [00:10.70]JULIA:No problem.I need stamps anyway. [00:12.91]2 ANNE:Look.Here's the visa for my trip. [00:16.80]JULIA:Wow.Look at all the stamps. [00:18.98]ANNE:Yeah.I travelled so much in my previous job. [00:22.18]3 JUL

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[00:07.00]Unit 4 Lesson 1 Checking in [00:10.30]1.Thank you so much for getting my bags back. We aim to plese. [00:16.58]Do you have my booking? Yamamoto? [00:19.37]How do you spell that,please? Y-A-M-A-M-O-T-O. [00:27.26]2.Here we are.That's a suite

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[00:08.00]Unit 7 Lesson 1 Nu La's interview [00:10.51]Good morning... Nu La? Yes.Hello. [00:13.61]Please sit down. Thank you. [00:16.61]You're interested in a job here? As housekeeping Manager? Yes,thank you. [00:21.60]2.Where are you from,Nu La? [00

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event --- 事件 eraser --- 橡皮擦 English --- 英语 ear --- 耳朵 earrings --- 耳环

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a cup of 一杯 black coffee 清咖啡 like 喜欢,想要 want 想,想要

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after 在之后 cat 猫 climb 爬 garden 花园 grass 草地 run 跑 run after 追 tree 树 under 在 下面 who 谁

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herself 她自己 himself 他自己 myself 我自己 themselves 他们自己

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best 最好的 least 最小的, 最少的 most 最多的 worse 更坏的 worst 最坏的

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NANCY:That's it Klara.We hope you like it. [00:15.41]KLARA:Wonderful.Thank you.I love what you've done. [00:19.70]KLARA:Now there are a few things I've been thinking about. [00:23.50]Some of my original ideas were not quite right. [00:27.89]For insta

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NANCY:Here's a list of colors and materials. [00:15.22]If you ever want to match something,take the list to the store. [00:18.10]BILL:Thanks. [00:19.58]YVONNE:And here's your final invoice. [00:22.49]BILL:Fine.I can write a check now,if that's OK. [0

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BETH:OK.Did Cavett say we would have any essay questions? [00:18.41]JUSTINE:No.Just multiple choice. [00:21.31]BETH:We must be sone. [00:23.62]JUSTINE:We must be.I can't think of anything else to study. [00:28.70]BETH:Great. JUSTINE:Great. [00:32.81]

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DEAN:Hello KEVIN:Dean,are you ready? [00:13.30]DEAIN:I'll be right down. [00:15.17]KEVIN:Don't worry.We have plenty of time. [00:18.26]DEAN:Hi. [00:35.16]KEVIN:The train to New York doesn't leave till 1:30 or so. [00:39.77]DEAN:Let's see. [00:41.16]D

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Arent mp3s amazing? Maybe young people today dont think so. They are part of the digital generation and think mp3s are normal. But I was born long before digital music started. When I was a teenager, I had a record collection. You had to go to a stor

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By David Byrd Washington 12 January 2006 Ralph Green was only 15 years old when his life changed forever. While walking with a friend in New York City's Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, Green was shot

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图片1 图片2 图片3 图片4 图片5 图片6 图片7 图片8 图片9 图片10

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