[00:03.44]- Why cant you be sweet like that, huh? - Sherry! -你的嘴怎么没他这样甜? -雪莉 [00:05.76]- Hey, guys. - Short attention span. -嘿 -注意力瞬间转移 [00:08.80]Youre a sick guy, you know that? 知道吗,你真让人恶心 [0

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[00:02.72]I went online, pretended I was you... 我上过网,装成是你... [00:06.32]...and put your profile on PerfectMatch. Com. ...然后将你的资料上传到了绝配网 [00:10.24]Youre making this up. 不是真的吧? [00:14.12]You cant jus

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[00:04.80]Shes in her early 20s. You know the epic narrative I talked about? 她还年轻,我不是说过那个剧本论吗? [00:05.76]Hers would not only be secret, it would be incoherent. 她的本子不单神秘,还缺乏连贯性 [00:08.36]I woul

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[00:03.50]Go into your study and sit down. 又是进你的书房然后坐下 [00:07.90]Go into my study? 进我的书房? [00:10.90]And sit down. 然后坐下 [00:18.70]-What are you doing?-Its late at night. -你在干嘛? -已经很晚了 [00:19.50

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[00:03.04]When you steal the jewels, you will also steal the receipts. 因为当你偷走珠宝时 你也将偷走收据 [00:03.44]Why would he do that? 他为何会那么做? [00:06.04]So hell have title to the jewels as well as the jewels themselve

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[00:09.04]Jesus. 老天 [00:19.64]What do you think? 觉得怎样? [00:21.24]Theyre quite beautiful. 相当美丽 [00:26.04]Put them in your pocket. 放进你的口袋 [00:29.64]Eight hundred thousand pounds, eh? 八十万镑? [00:32.84]Thats what I

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[00:03.52]That was one race, and Ive made some adjustments, charlie. 只比过一次,而且我已经做了改进 [00:04.48]- Wood boats can win, trust me on that. - They cant win. -木船能赢,相信我 -赢不了 [00:09.28]Thats why people dont wan

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[00:05.60]I see you got a broken window up there. 我看见你那上面的窗子破了 [00:09.40]Tropical storm the other night. 前晚热带风暴的关系 [00:10.04]Bit of a hurricane, terrifying. 飓风的威力 挺可怕的 [00:14.00]A great bran

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[00:01.44]Translations. 外文译本 [00:01.84]French, Dutch, German. 法语、荷兰语、德语 [00:07.24]You speak Dutch yourself, do you? 你的母语应该是荷兰语 对吧? [00:09.24]Yes, how did you know?I have a Dutch uncle. -没错 你是怎

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[00:04.04]Dont stop.Keep going. 别停 继续走 [00:08.24]Dont look down. 别往下看 [00:10.64]Youre at the window. 你在窗边了 [00:12.44]Smash it. 打破它 [00:25.44]Fantastic. 好极了 [00:29.44]-Wheres the ladder?-What ladder? -梯子在哪

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[00:03.50]Your man was right.Your spy, whoever he was. 你的线人说得没错 我指你的间谍 不管他是谁 [00:07.70]There were three shots. 我开了三枪 [00:08.50]The first two were real.The third one was blank. 前两发是实弹 第三发

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[00:33.88]片名:征婚广告 [00:58.08]The best place to meet a guy is the supermarket. 结识男人最好的地方是超市 [00:59.08]You see a guy holding a list, you know hes married. 拿着清单的男人,肯定结婚了 [01:01.56]Hes in the fro

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[00:02.30]A man was passing your house three nights ago. 三天前的晚上有名男子碰巧从你家穿过 [00:05.90]He said he heard shots. 他说他听见了数声巨响 [00:06.50]Passed my house? 穿过我家? [00:10.70]How could he do that?Its

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[00:04.26]杰默,快跑! [00:04.86]站住! [00:07.74]抓住他们! [00:10.22]去拿火把! [00:12.10]抓住他们! [00:22.30]run Jamal! 杰默,快跑! [00:28.42]Salim, they will kill us! 萨林,我们死定了啦 [00:30.82]Stop, damn it! 给我站住

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[00:03.54]and tell me how you cheated. 告诉我你怎么作弊 [00:24.82]lm done, sir. 我好了 [00:29.30]Now, listen. 听着 [00:33.90]Hello? 醒一醒 [00:39.54]Hes unconscious, Juti, what good is that? 他昏过去了,还问什么? [00:43.14]How

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[01:25.38](孟买,2006年) [01:29.78](杰默马利再回答一个题目) [01:31.14](就能赢得两千万卢比) [01:33.34](他是怎么办到的?) [01:33.82]Name? 叫什么名字? [01:34.22](A:他作弊) [01:38.38](B:运气好) [01:39.78](C:他是天才

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[00:02.28]Dreams of so many... 这么多人的梦想 [00:04.20]on the floor. 都幻灭了 [01:27.20]Latika! 拉蒂卡! [01:30.16]Latika! 拉蒂卡! [01:40.20]Latika! 拉蒂卡! [01:49.24]Latika! 拉蒂卡! [01:53.04]Latika! Latika! 拉蒂卡! [02:01.

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[00:22.36]So, did you see them again? 你有再见到他们吗? [00:26.08]l wouldnt be here if l had. 要是有,我就不会在这里了 [00:30.80]Was she pretty? 她长得漂亮吗? [00:34.60]l guess not. 应该不漂亮 [00:37.56]The most beautiful

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[00:12.74]A bow and arrow. 是弓箭 [00:16.10]Final answer? 答案确定吗? [00:18.90]Final answer. 确定 [00:23.94]Hmm. Computer sir, lock the answer. 电脑锁定答案 [00:29.22](拉玛神肖像右手拿什么?) [00:29.34](A:花B:剑) (C:小孩

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