[00:00.00] Unit 3 Our show [00:04.49]A Point and say. Listen [00:10.34]I can sing I can dance. [00:16.59]Now say. [00:19.93]I can sing.I can dance. [00:26.59]sing dance run [00:34.25]jump read write [00:42.11]B Say and act. [00:47.15]Let's do a show.

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[00:00.00] Unit 2 Fun with Koko [00:05.38]A Look and say. Listen [00:12.25]I'm tall.I'm short.I'm thin. [00:20.90]Now say. [00:24.37]I'm tall.I'm short.I'm thin. [00:34.12]tall short fat [00:42.97]thin big small [00:52.32]B Say and act. Listen [00:58

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[00:00.00]Unit 2 COME TO MY HOUSE [00:18.00]page 7 [00:20.85]2 Listen and connect. [01:26.41]page 8 [01:29.16]3 Listen and tick. [02:02.91]page 10 [02:07.03]5 Enjoy your English. [02:49.82]Floppy! Floppy! [02:53.17]Daddy,where's Floppy? [02:56.82]In

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[00:00.00]Unit 5 I WANT A PET [00:18.08]page 21 1 Listen and number. [02:19.55]page 22 2 Listen and tick. [03:19.97]page 23 3 Listen and match [05:15.95]page 25 5 Enjoy your English. [06:25.12]Dad, I want a hippo. [06:33.87]Nothing but a hippo. OK! O

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[00:01.18]第十课 [00:02.35]WORDS [00:03.25]单词 [00:04.15]in [00:05.96]在.....里边 [00:07.76]on [00:09.84]在......上边 [00:11.91]behind [00:14.13]在......后边 [00:16.35]under [00:18.27]在......下边 [00:20.19]SENTENCE PATTERNS [00:21.42]句型 [00:22.65

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灵通少儿英语第一册 灵通少儿英语第二册1 灵通少儿英语第二册2 灵通少儿英语第三册活动手册 灵通少儿英语第三册学生用书 灵通少儿英语第四册学生用书

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[00:02.77]Page 13 and 14 Talk about it!Listen.Point. [00:08.65]a house [00:13.45]a school [00:19.23]a station [00:24.48]an airport [00:29.28]short [00:35.08]tall [00:39.42]fat [00:43.78]thin [00:48.88]Donny [00:53.05]Pam [00:57.91]Beth [01:02.25]Chuc

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[00:00.00]Unit 2 Waht color is it? [00:05.49]Lesson 7 1.Learn to say [00:10.74]Hi,Bob.Look at my robot. Cool! What color? Green! [00:18.18]2.Look,Listen and Say [00:22.31]robot red green [00:30.48]2.Let's act [00:33.72]Hi,Billy. Hi,Liu Gang. I have a

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[00:04.41]While you listen [00:10.27]You are going to hear someone talking about a weekend away at a hotel. [00:16.14]So,how was York,then? [00:21.29]Oh,it was good,We had a great weekend,It's brilliant place to spend a few days. [00:29.54]It's a sha

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[00:04.70]2 While you read [00:10.66]1.The white van [00:15.70]The typical white van driver [00:19.67]is usually in his twenties and makes deliveries for a living. [00:25.52]He only ever drivers in second gear because (a) [00:31.56]he's too lazy to c

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[00:04.10]3.While you listen [00:10.58]Recommending a website [00:14.94]You are going to listen to a conversation between two friends who meet in the street. [00:22.02]Are you booking your summer holiday already.then? [00:29.15]Oh.hello.Simon.I didnt

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[00:04.78]2.Waiting for ages! [00:11.94]I know it might sound strange, [00:17.82]but recently Ive started thinking about what the places you arrange to meet say about you. [00:25.26]Let me give you an example of what I mean.The other day, [00:30.90]I

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[00:04.70]4 While you read [00:11.68]Home-but not alone [00:15.80]Dave and Steve Briggs share a bedroom in their parents' house. [00:23.04]You might think that's quite normal for brothers. [00:27.77]but Dave and Steve aren't teenagers. [00:33.04]They

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00:04.88]2. Further practice [00:13.95]1.Did you see that they think the peace talks might break down? [00:20.58]No,thats terrible!If that happens,theyll go to war. [00:27.53]2.Did you see that theyre going to put up taxes on air travel by 200%? [00:

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00:04.70]The bad old days [00:12.88]The other day,a teacher got sacked for tearing a boy's shirt. [00:20.14]The boy was fighting with another child [00:25.00]when the teacher grabbed him and pulled him away to try and stop the fight. [00:31.24]In doi

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00:05.30]1 Different food [00:16.07]1.Its kind of vegetable. [00:20.74]It looks a bit like a strange green flower or something like that. [00:28.11]You take off the outside leaves and boil the inside leaves until theyre soft. [00:35.97]I usually dip

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[00:04.60]2.Recommending [00:10.84]1.I was thinking of trying some of the local food.Can you recommend anywhere? [00:21.79]Well,you could try Agut.It's a great restaurant near the port,they do great fish. [00:29.94]2.I was thinking of buying a few so

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[00:13.58]Person 1 [00:16.93]Are you OK?That looked pretty nasty! [00:22.67]Just about.I suppose!Thanks a lot of helping me! [00:28.24]Listen,what do you think I could've done? [00:32.91]I would've helped if I'd been able to, [00:37.46]but there were

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[00:06.58]While you read [00:13.24]FOUR EXPERIENCES [00:17.21]QUENTIN [00:19.67]Back in 1989,I went on holiday to London to visit somefriends. [00:26.12]The second day I was there,the Notting Hill Carnival was on. [00:32.39]So I went to see what it w

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[00:04.88]2.Adjectives [00:13.82]1.What's your dad like? [00:18.78]He's all right.but he can be quite strict. [00:23.75]He always wants to know where I am [00:27.69]and he makes me come home before nine o'clock-even on a Saturday. [00:34.17]2.What's

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