[00:07.89]cabbage [00:10.83]n.卷心菜,洋白菜 [00:13.77]I know she often eats cabbage at home. [00:17.89]我知道她在家经常吃白菜。 [00:22.02]cage [00:24.54]n.笼,鸟笼 [00:27.06]Put the bird into the cage. [00:30.55]把那只小鸟放

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[00:24.50]able [00:28.53]adj.有能力的,能干的 [00:32.55]He is the ablest student in the class. [00:36.47]他是班上最有才华的学生。 [00:40.39]about [00:42.27]prep.关于 [00:44.15]he is careless about his personal appearance. [00:48

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[00:05.98]baby [00:08.92]n.婴儿 [00:11.86]Both mother and baby are doing well. [00:14.80]母子平安。 [00:17.74]back [00:20.22]n.adj.后面(的);背,背部 [00:22.70]If you use mirrors you can see the back of your head. [00:27.32]使用两

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[00:07.89]dance [00:11.27]vi. n.跳舞舞蹈,舞会 [00:14.65]The rumba is a Latin- American dance. [00:18.68]伦巴舞是拉丁美洲的舞蹈。 [00:22.70]danger [00:24.92]n.危险 [00:27.14]There's a lot of danger in rock climbing. [00:30.97]攀登

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[00:07.78]face [00:10.02]n.脸,面孔 [00:12.25]The boy slept with a smile on his face. [00:16.08]那个小男孩面带笑容地睡着了。 [00:19.91]factory [00:21.79]n.工厂 [00:23.67]His father is a factory worker. [00:27.14]他的父亲是工厂

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[00:07.50]ha [00:09.33]interj.哈 [00:11.15]Ha ha!You are the champion!It's really ridiculous! [00:16.29]哈哈!你是冠军!简直是天大的笑话! [00:21.42]hair [00:23.09]n.头发 [00:24.76]My hair has grown very long. [00:28.00]我的头发

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[00:07.68]lab [00:09.86]n.实验室(laboratory的缩写词) [00:12.04]We did our experimentation in the lab. [00:15.43]我们在实验室里做试验。 [00:18.81]ladder [00:20.64]n.梯子 [00:22.47]XiaoMing was climbing the ladder to catch the cat.

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[00:05.98]machine [00:07.86]n.机器 [00:09.74]Machine have replaced human labour in many industries. [00:14.56]在很多工业中,机器已经取代了人力操作。 [00:19.38]madam [00:21.60]n.夫人,女士 [00:23.82]Madam,what do you want [00

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[00:07.60]wait [00:09.78]vi.等,等候 [00:11.96]You'll have to wait until the end of the month before I can pay you. [00:16.44]你得到月底我才能付给你钱。 [00:20.92]waiter [00:23.05]n.侍者,服务员 [00:25.18]We haven't seen any wa

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[00:07.68]sad [00:09.56]adj.(使人)悲伤的 [00:11.44]It was sad day for us all when the school closed down. [00:15.57]学校关闭那天,我们很悲痛。 [00:19.70]safe [00:21.58]adj.安全的 [00:23.46]The missing child was found safe and wel

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[00:00.00]small [00:01.70]adj.小的 [00:03.40]He will be in his small boat,Topsail.Topsail is a famous little boat. [00:09.68]他将乘坐他的那艘小艇涛波赛尔号。涛波赛尔号是一艘有名的小艇。 [00:15.96]smell [00:17.74]闻,嗅

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[00:07.78]page [00:09.82]n.页,页码 [00:11.86]There is a picture of a ship on page 44. [00:15.88]第四十四页上有一幅船的图画。 [00:19.91]pain [00:22.03]n.疼痛,疼 [00:24.16]The boy was in pain after he broke. [00:28.29]这男孩在

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1.Hi! [00:01.19]你好! [00:02.38]1.A:Hi! [00:02.77]你好! [00:03.16]B:Hi! [00:03.75]你好! [00:04.34]2.A:Hi,Kim.How are you? [00:05.20]你好,Kim,近来怎样? [00:06.06]B:Fine.How are you doing? [00:07.16]很好。你怎样? [00:08.

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8. I wish you the best of luck in... I wish you the best of luck in your new business venture. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. I wis

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2. I appreciate your... I appreciate your help. I appreciate your lending me your car. I'm glad I could help.

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55.blame Who is to blame? You can't blame anyone. I am very much to blame. Don't blame it on him, but on me. blame me! It's my fault.

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Part 2 Friends and Friendship [00:05.04]总有你鼓励 [00:10.08]Jan. 17, Mon., Sunny [00:12.71]1月17日 星期一 晴朗 [00:15.34]Best Friends Forever [00:17.12]永远的好朋友 [00:18.90]My parents had been fighting a lot lately [00:21.02]爸爸

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Part 1 On Growing Up [00:03.80]享受成长 [00:07.60]Mar. 12, Wed. [00:11.72]3月12日 星期三 [00:15.84]Having a Test [00:17.37]一场考试 [00:18.90]Last week was the day of the big test. [00:21.76]上周进行了一场大考, [00:24.62]I was

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PART 6:DAILY LIFE IN AMERICA [00:02.51]美国生活会话 [00:05.02]1.Departure and Arrival [00:06.52]出发与到达 [00:08.02](1)Checking in for a Flight [00:09.40]办理登机手续 [00:10.79]A:Where will you be flying today? [00:11.81]你今天去哪

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[00:-0.50]骂人和吵架 [00:-1.00]Top Ten Swearing Yelling Sentences [00:-1.50]十大骂人吵架经典句 [00:-2.00]1.Damn it! [00:-2.50]该死!/他妈的! [00:-3.00]2.Go to hell! [00:-3.50]去你的! [00:-4.00]3.Shit! [00:-4.50]倒霉!/他妈

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