He needed to study for a test. He went online to order a book. He went to the publisher's website. He found the book he needed to study. It was 240 pages. It was $59. Shipping was $6. He could order the book from the publisher's website. Or, he could

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She was running late. She wanted a fast breakfast. She didn't have time to make her own breakfast. Her usual breakfast was rice, vegetables, and meat. Will you make me a fast breakfast? she asked her boyfriend. He was American. She was Asian. He pref

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The phone rang as he was leaving the apartment. He didn't answer it. It's probably Dave, he thought. His brother Dave had said he would call. He returned home an hour later. He checked his phone for missed calls. There was only the one call. But it w

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Something was wrong. Did he have a hernia again, in the same place? Thirty years ago he had a hernia. A doctor had repaired the hernia. Now he felt some pain. It was below his navel. It was to the left of his navel. It wasn't a sharp pain. It was a d

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Kevin James is a lawyer. He has a popular name. Many men have that name. Kevin James is also the name of a major criminal. The Transportation Security Agency is looking for this major criminal. TSA wants to put him in prison. When Kevin James the law

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Soldiers go to war. They fight the enemy. That is their job. Firemen go to fires. They rescue people in burning buildings. That is their job. Policemen go after dangerous criminals. They arrest dangerous criminals. That is their job. Phil was driving

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Carl worked for a company for one year. Then they laid him off. We have to lay you off, said his boss. It's not you. It's the economy. We'll hire you back when the economy gets better. Carl was angry. It wasn't the economy. It's discrimination, he th

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Bev was a real estate agent in New York City. She usually left home about 10 a.m. She never drank or ate anything until she returned home. You need energy. Eat some lunch, her husband said. I can't eat anything after I leave the house. I don't carry

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He had finally made it to New York City. They call it the city that never sleeps. He had always wanted to live there. He had quit his job in Florida. He loved his new neighborhood. He loved his new apartment. He had used half of his savings to pay fo

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Why do I love you? he asked. Why do I love you so much? You're smart. But you're not that smart. You're pretty. But you're not that pretty. You're fun to be with. But you're not that much fun. Oh, really? she asked. I'm not that much fun? How much fu

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Look at this, she said. He looked. He looked inside a plastic bag. There was rice inside the bag. But something else was inside the bag. What are these things? he asked. They were insects. The insects were crawling around. A lot of insects were crawl

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It was in the national news every day. It was on the radio. It was on TV. It was in the newspapers. It was the recall. Toyota was recalling thousands of cars. The cars had a brake problem. Sometimes the brakes didn't work properly. Some Toyota driver

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They were sitting on the sofa. He started to get up. Oh, he groaned. What's the matter? his wife asked. He was standing still. He wasn't moving. He was bent over. He wasn't standing straight up. Is it your back again? his wife asked. Yes, it's my bac

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He asked the driver to wait. Craig used a knife to open the package. He dug through the packaging materials. He looked for the call tag. There was no call tag. The driver left. Craig stuffed everything back into the box. He sealed the box with tape.

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Oscar had just moved to New York City. He registered to vote. A week later, he received his voter card. Now he was a registered voter. He read the voter notice from the Board of Elections. It said to call VOTE-NYC if he had a question. He had a quest

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It was late. His wife wasn't home yet. He was worried. She was a real estate agent. She showed apartments to clients. She showed apartments day after day. She showed apartments all over the city. She showed apartments in uptown Manhattan. She showed

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Who answered the phone? Was that really his wife? Or was it another woman? Had someone stolen his wife's phone? Was his wife okay? He called back. All he got was her recorded message. He left a message. It's 9:30. Where are you? Call me immediately,

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He has a big window in his bedroom. His desk is in his bedroom. His desk is next to the big window. He sits at his desk. He looks east. He looks east toward the East River. The East River is about six blocks away. But he cannot see the East River. Bu

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It was the Chinese New Year. The metal pan was light, shiny, and round. It was about 12 inches across. It was perfect for burning paper. She put the pan on the hardwood floor. She opened a package of paper money. It wasn't real money. We burn the mon

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BOB DOUGHTY: Welcome to THE MAKING OF A NATION American history in VOA Special English. In nineteen eighteen, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, a truce took effect between the Allies and Germany. But not until seven mont

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