As a large multinational corporation, ABC can offer me more opportunities to work abroad. 作为大型跨国企业,ABC会给我更多出国工作的机会。 Why do you want to work for ABC? 你为什么想在ABC工作? As a large multinational c

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外贸 谈生意才是目的,说 英语 只不过是一种手段;只要生意能谈成,手段似乎没有予以复杂化的必要应该愈简单愈好。《用简单 英语 谈生意》EZ Business Talk 就是教您如何用简单美语(初中英语

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2010年商务英语考试(BEC)经典小作文第一篇 The two bar charts illustrate the changes in the wheat production and the average prices between 1990 and 2000 in a European country. The first chart reveals that the decade saw a sharp incre

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常用商务英语But there is also one point Id like to stress. 但我也有一点想强调一下。 常用商务英语So, now we have covered all the important points. 我们现在所有的主要问题都已经讨论过了。 常用商务英语Ship

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必备常用商务英语(2) 常用商务英语As you know, we are a well-established firm in the line of textiles, and we enjoy good relations with all the wholesalers, chain stores and distributors in Canada. 你知道,我公司在纺织业有良

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The first of our regular business English news podcasts for English learners looks at how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place. The news story is followed by a discussion of the key Englis

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Telephoning: Opening Calls and Taking Messages This is an intermediate level Business English Podcast on making telephone calls in English. Some of the key language phrases we cover in this episode are: identifying yourself and the caller, stating th

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It's all wrong. 全错了。 Nonsense. 瞎说。 That's not what I mean. 我不是那个意思。

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This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on teleconferencesmeetings that take place over the phone. 这是有关电话会议问题的两段商务英语播客的上半部分。 Nowadays, we have virtual teams interacting across the

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In this Business English Podcast lesson, were going to look at the language of presenting your products and services to potential clients in informal situations. 在今天的商务英语播客中,我们来看下在非正式场合如何向客户展示

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Welcome back to Business English Pod. My names Edwin and Ill be your host for this episode, the last of a three-part series on interviewing for your first job. 欢迎回到商务英语播客,我是主持人Edwin,这是关于第1份工作面试系列

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Today were introducing our first Business English News podcast for intermediate listeners. This will now be a regular show with new episodes each month. Most of the time, well cover a similar topic to the current Advanced Business News podcast but th

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Todays Business English Podcast ESL lesson is the first in a two-part series that follows job applicant William Chow through his first interview at an international bank. 今天的商务英语播客是2节课中的第一部分,将要设计工作申请

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In this Business English Podcast lesson we look at how to explain or describe a procedure. Well also look at some common computer vocabulary. 在这节商务英语播客中,我们来看下如何解释和描述操作。我们也会看下普通的计算

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Todays advanced Business English Podcast episode is the second in our a two-part series on question and answer, or QA. The listening starts where we left off last time. Nick, the new European sales director at Harper-Tolland Steel, is answering quest

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Todays Business English News podcast comes from an article on the recent positive statements by the CEO of Infosys on the future of Indias economy. 今天的商务英语播客来自Infosys总裁对印度未来经济的积极评论。 Indias economy h

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[摘 要] 商务英语书信的格式与结构基本上是固定的,一旦选定其中一种便不能随意更改。商务英语的内容与其结构相应,其中七项是必不可缺的。熟练掌握商务英语书信的格式与结构是从事对外

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商务英语信函有其自身的特点。下面是商务书信写作中的几点注意事项,小心不要在你自己的工作中出现这样的错误哦! 1.切忌主客不分或模糊。例子: Deciding to rescind the earlier estimate, our repo

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1. At what time can we work out a deal? 我们什么时候洽谈生意? 2. If the price is higher than that, wed rather call the whole deal off. 如果价格比这还高,我们宁愿放弃这桩生意。 3. Its absolutely out of the question

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