[00:32.42]Rack him! 勒他! [01:29.46]Enough? 够了吗? [02:22.42]It can all end right now. 可以全部结束了 [02:27.42]Peace... 和平 [02:31.46]Just say it. 只要你说出 [02:32.26]Cry out... mercy. 说出来 饶恕 [02:45.50]Mercy! 饶恕!

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[00:02.02]BeforeIaskyouto.在我开口问你之前 [00:05.30]BEV:BeforeIaskyouto.在我开口问你之前 [00:06.62]Don`ttellmeno,beforeIaskyouto.不要对我说不,在我开口问你之前 [00:08.78]-Yeah.-That`sgood.Um....-是-很好啊 [00:10.26

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[00:02.06]Well,it`s--It`scomplicated.额,这个这个很复杂 [00:03.90]I`mgonnajust,uh....我还是 [00:05.58]Isitascomplicatedasme... [00:06.38](DOORBELLRINGS)比我的状况还复杂么? [00:07.86]...gettingstuckoutsideinonlyawelcomemat?被锁在

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[00:01.14]~ Aint no sunshine when shes gone ~ ~ 她离去时带走了阳光 ~ [00:03.90]~ And shes always gone too long~ ~ 她总是去得那么遥远 ~ [00:07.06]~ Anytime she goes away ~ ~ 每次当她离去 ~ [00:13.54]~ Aint no sunshine when shes

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[00:02.20]I was--I am hoping that I may present you... 我希望我可以带你去 [00:06.28]to the press and the public on that occasion. 见传媒跟国民 [00:08.68]However, you desperately need some instruction. 不管怎样,你需要做些训练

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[00:00.34]-Whatsthematterwithyoutwo?-Tellhim,then.-你们两个搞毛呢?-说吧,等什么呢. [00:07.62]-What?Tellmewhat?-Alanwantstoquit.-嗯?想告诉我什么?-Alan不想干了. [00:09.22]No,Idont!Imjustsayingmaybethisishappeningforareason.不,我

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[00:05.46]I would like to bestow upon you... 我愿意给你们. . [00:08.22]the honor of the... 吉诺威亚 [00:11.94]Genovian Order of the... 最高的 [00:12.58]uh...Genovian Order of the Rose. 最高的玫瑰奖 [00:18.06]Oh--oh! Ooh! [00:19.06]

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[00:03.62]Clarisse: How are the children, Robbie? 孩子们好吗?罗 比 [00:06.62]Would you like to see them, maam? 你想见 他们吗?女王 [00:10.38]Theres Ryan and Bridget. 莱安和拔利特 [00:14.46]CLARISSE: Oh, theyre beautiful. 很漂亮

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[00:07.16]We drop the shoulders... 放下肩 [00:10.48]we think tall... 想像很高 [00:13.76]we tuck under and transfer the weight... 卷起来. 隐藏重量 [00:15.16]from one foot to-- 从一条腿 [00:19.80]No. Princesses never cross their Legs

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[00:01.34]Yes. It sounds totally perfect. 没错,听着就很完美 [00:07.50]But I can't wait until then. 但我都等不及了 [00:23.10]Jimmy crack corn! 不管三七二十一啦 [00:32.82]Close it, bitch! 关上,王八蛋! [00:38.70]There's

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[00:02.14]Have a seat. 请坐 [00:02.70]Well, did you enjoy the film? 你喜欢这部片子吗? [00:06.22]Yes, enormously. 是的,非常喜欢 [00:09.26]-Well, fire away. -Right. -请提问吧 -好的 [00:11.66]Did you enjoy making the film? 拍片期间

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[00:07.18]Oh, Belle. 哦,贝尔 [00:09.50]Cest la vie. (鬼话^_^) [00:14.22]Still, um, were lucky in lots ofways. 但我们还是很幸运的 [00:17.34]But surely thats worth a brownie. ( Chuckling ) 这无疑值得上一块蛋糕 [00:22.98]Well, I

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[00:02.38](Shouting) [00:05.54](Shouting, Whistling) [00:21.30](Man ) So stay with us, because later this afternoon... 不要离开,因为稍后... [00:23.86]were lucky enough to be talking to Anna Scott, 我们将有幸请到安娜-斯科特-- [00:2

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[00:02.36]A flibbertigibbet [00:03.63]A will-o-the-wisp A clown [00:07.13]Many a thing you know Youd like to tell her [00:12.10]Many a thing she ought to understand [00:16.87]But how do you make her stay And listen to all you say? [00:21.55]How do yo

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[00:06.90]With songs they have sung [00:12.20]For a thousand years [00:20.71]The hills fill my heart [00:26.39]With the sound of music [00:34.96]They wanted to sing for me, bless their hearts. [00:37.33]Thats lovely, lovely. Dont stop. [00:43.24]- So

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[00:01.82]A, B, C [00:03.33]When you sing, you begin with Do-re-mi [00:07.83]Do-re-mi [00:09.70]Do-re-mi [00:11.30]The first three notes Just happen to be [00:15.34]Do-re-mi [00:17.31]Do-re-mi [00:18.91]Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti [00:23.51]Lets see if I ca

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[00:01.92](Knock.. at door) [00:05.60]Pop? 帕普? [00:07.88]POP: Just a minute. 等等 [00:15.44]What? 怎么? [00:16.92]In 21 Breeders Cup Classiccs, you Know how many fillies have ever won it? 在21届 布里德杯比赛中, 你知道有多少

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[00:06.56]Come here. 过来 [00:18.04]Ennis. 艾尼斯 [00:22.96](male announcer) Let er rip and snort, boys! 放手一搏!这个可快了! [00:26.16]Jack Twist, hangin on for dear life! 杰克特斯,生死一瞬间 [00:29.16]And down he goes!

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[00:28.00](speaks Spanish) 先生? [00:54.68](Lureen) Comin up. 来了 [00:58.24]Here we go. Here we are! 上桌了 [01:06.68]The stud duck do the carvin around here. 老丈人在此,我来切 [01:07.48]Whoa there, Rodeo. 等等,牛仔 [01:09.8

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[00:01.70]You took what? 你做了什么? [00:03.58]I took a pregnancy test today. 我今天做了验孕测试 [00:06.46]At my moms house. It was in my sisters bag. 在我母亲家里 那东西在我姐姐的包里 [00:08.74]And I was in the bathro

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