DIDA: Peter Mayle Sun, 4 Jul 93 Duration: 37 mins Sue Lawley's castaway is writer Peter Mayle.

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DIDA: Kenny Everett Sun, 24 Oct 93 Duration: 37 mins Sue Lawley's castaway is DJ Kenny Everett.

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Sir Charles MacLean MON 12 AUG 1963 Roy Plomley's castaway is Chief Scout Sir Charles MacLean

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Nicolai Poliakoff MON 23 DEC 1963 Roy Plomley's castaway is Coco the Clown - Nicolai Poliakoff

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Patricia Batty Shaw SAT 22 JUL 1978 Roy Plomley's castaway is Chairwoman of the WI Patricia Batty Shaw

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Daley Thompson SAT 19 JUL 1980 Roy Plomley's castaway is World Champion decathlete Daley Thompson

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Gracie Fields CHRISTMAS DAY 1961 Roy Plomley's castaway is actress and singer Gracie Fields

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DIDA: Taki Sun, 28 Nov 93 Duration: 36 mins Sue Lawley's castaway is the journalist Taki.

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06 May 17 SAT 6 MAY 2017 Crunch time, footballers other sports, Tynecastle the Aviation XI

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Hernan Crespo and Fifa's 'Dinosaurs' FRI 24 JUL 2015 Interviews with Hernan Crespo and former Fifa advisor Michael Hershman

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Prince Ali, Vialli, St Pauli Papy's agent FRI 11 SEP 2015 Who will vote for Prince Ali? Gianluca Vialli on Parma and St Pauli help out refugees.

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Gianni Infantino's FIFA dream FRI 5 FEB 2016 Can Gianni Infantino become the next FIFA President? Plus, a chat with Emmanuel Eboue.

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Goodbye, Mr Mourinho FRI 18 DEC 2015 Will Jose Mourinho bounce back following his exit from Chelsea?

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The Return of Parma FRI 22 APR 2016 Parma celebrate promotion to the third tier of Italian football

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Why I shouldn't meet others with cystic fibrosis FRI 29 SEP 2017 Charles, 22, sings about life with the condition

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Who is Jared O'Mara? WED 25 OCT 2017 The Labour Party has suspended MP Jared O'Mara, but who is he?

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UEFA's new man, El Salvador match-fixing and Big Ron FRI 16 SEP 2016 UEFA has a new President, but who exactly is Aleksander Ceferin?

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When Stars Align: The Story of the New York Cosmos FRI 23 DEC 2016 The story of the rise and fall of the 1970s New York Cosmos

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The Fight for Steaua Bucharest FRI 7 APR 2017 Why is Romania's Steaua Bucharest is being torn apart?

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Gay and disabled FRI 22 SEP 2017 The gay scene can be inaccessible for someone who wobbles and spasms.

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