Television has become the main source of informatio [00:03.84]and entertaiment for the average America [00:07.97]It is estimated that by the time a child reaches 1 [00:12.64]he or she has spent almost twice as much time watching TV as in the classroo

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Before the 1930's ,workers were only paid as long as they were smart [00:05.69]If they were smart enough not to be ill,they were pai [00:10.06]If they were smart enough not to by injured,they were pai [00:13.66]And if they were very smart,they would

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The air that you breathe inside an airline cabi [00:18.63]isn't nearly as good as what you will find in most other plac [00:41.67]Furthermore,the air is very very dr [00:58.62]I strongly advi [01:07.37]bringing a litre or two of water with yo [01:23.

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A new device is helping computers provide great amounts of informatio [00:27.35]The device is the compact disc or C [00:43.02]It was invented several years ag [00:57.50]to replace music records made of plasti [01:13.67]A CD is played on a machine tha

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Ladies and gentleme [00:08.91]we are arriving at the scenic spot now [00:26.04]and there are a few things you need to remembe [00:43.76]First,remove all valuables from the coa [01:01.49]because we can't guarantee their safet [01:17.74]Second,note the

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Many people have criticized television programmin [00:18.39]They complain that it does not challenge the intellec [00:37.59]shows too much violenc [00:47.44]and appeals to the least educated of viewer [01:04.86]in order to get the largest audienc [01

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The majority of fish live in shallow parts of the se [00:19.88]Fish are varied but they have certain common feature [00:40.46]Fins are special organs which help the fish to swim in wate [01:03.03]They can help the fish to stea [01:15.57]and steer its

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Hello,everyon [00:06.56]Today,we'll talk about another planet,Mar [00:24.76]Mars is one of the planets in the solar syste [00:40.96]It is the forth planet from the su [00:54.54]It is named for the Roman god of wa [01:09.28]because it appears fairly r

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The best way to find a book in the librar [00:16.46]is to use the card catalogu [00:27.53]The catalogue is an index of all the book [00:46.24]All the cards are filed alphabeticall [01:01.20]and storied in drawers in large cabinet [01:16.04]There are

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Everybody wastes tim [00:10.92]Instead of doing his homewor [00:23.51]the schoolboy watches televisio [00:36.88]Instead of writing her essa [00:48.40]the student goes out with her friend [01:03.24]They all had good intention [01:15.65]but they keep p

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In Britain,there is a common sayin [00:15.07]An Englishman's home is his castle [00:30.80]It's important to act thoughtful [00:46.24]if you are living in a British ho [00:59.38]or are visiting a British hom [01:11.03]There are a few British custom [0

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托业高级教程 Unit04:听力理解复习听力

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托业高级教程 Unit06:听力理解复习听力模拟试题[2]

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托业高级教程 Unit05:听力理解复习听力模拟试题

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Shyness is the cause of much unhappine [00:16.38]for a great many peopl [00:25.81]Shy people are anxious and self-con-sciou [00:45.82]that i [00:50.86]they are excessively concerned with their own appearan [01:11.73]and action [01:18.26]Worrisome tho

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The United States is a land of immigrant [00:20.87]The immigrants brought many different styles of food with the [00:41.74]That's why you can find almost every kind of food in Americ [01:04.89]In some case [01:13.04]Americans have adopted foods from

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When you first arrive in the U.S. [00:12.83]you will be given the name and telephone extension numb [00:30.38]of the officer who will be administering your programm [00:49.55]It will be helpful if you make a note in your dia [01:08.00]of this informa

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The first true piece of sports equipment that man invente [00:21.71]was the bal [00:35.60]In ancient Egypt,as everywher [00:49.50]pitching stones was a favorite children's gam [01:05.59]But a badly thrown rock could hurt a child. [01:23.17]Looking fo

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听力成功的四大要素 在语言的四个技能中,听与读属“接受型”技能,说与写属“创造型”技能。听力的“接 受”性质决定了听能的提高必须依*大量的听

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