US Furniture Capital Holds Annual Showcase Hundreds of U.S. towns and cities call themselves the capital of something or another. Even the world capital of this or that. Many of these titles are just for fun - a bit of promotion for the area. Tarpon

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By Jessica Golloher Moscow 14 October 2009 In wrapping up a visit to Moscow, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for Russia to uphold human rights. On the second day of her Moscow visit, at the end of a European tour, U.S. Secretary o

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President Donald Trump may have ended a battle over the federal budget, but he opened a door to a much bigger dispute when he declared a national emergency to build his border wall. Its a great thing to do, because we have an invasion of drugs, invas

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No one at NASA would have ever hoped that the Martian rover Opportunity onboard this Delta rocket launched in 2004 for a three-month mission would end up trundling across the Martian surface for more than a decade. You know, this was a 90-day mission

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A growing number of the Earths insect population now exists only in collections like these. Nobodys seen those 400 years. A new review of over 70 studies of insect populations suggests that human pressures are causing insect populations to plummet by

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Im Bill Mclaughlin, and Im the creator of plants here the United States Botanic Garden. What we are looking at today is our chocolate tree or cacao tree. The scientific name for this is Theobroma Cacao, and Theobroma is Greek, Theo- is for God and Br

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Many of the traditional wooden house boats that were a big draw for Indian and foreign tourists on the palm-fringed inland lagoons in Kerala are standing idle during the peak season. 这里的很多传统木制船屋曾经让印度内外的游客深深

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Measles was eliminated in the US 19 years ago. The only cases now are those that are imported from other countries. Thats happening in the US with greater frequency. Measles is incredibly contagious. Once it gets around the community, its very diffic

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Rain is essential for life, but too much of it can lead to flooding, causing sewers to overflow and carry contaminants to nearby river systems. 雨水是生命的必需品,但雨量太大会导致洪灾,下水道会积水外溢,并将污染物带

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This five-year-old vizsla named Stella is a regular at Frolic Dogs, a canine sports club in Alexandria Virginia. Shes so active. And so I see how happy she is when were at the gym. And shes playing and shes able to, you know, jump through the hoop or

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There are spines, and then theres the Bajadasaurus pronuspinax. During the Cretaceous period, 140 million years ago, this dinosaur spotted a neck of dangerous-looking spines. Argentinian archaeologist Pablo Gallina discovered the unique specimen digg

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A special preview for members of the media at the annual Chicago Auto Show is a chance for manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest products about to enter the market. But what is notable about this years show is what some manufacturers ar

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By Jennifer Glasse London 14 October 2009 The British prime minister says he plans to send an extra 500 troops to Afghanistan, if NATO coalition partners follow suit and the Afghan government speeds up training its own forces. Britain's PM Gordon Br

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By Stephanie Ho Beijing 14 October 2009 A senior American official says the United States and China share what he describes as tight and close coordination about North Korea. An international flurry of activity has surrounded North Korea, which Mond

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Where walls go up, illegal crossings go way, way down. I will get it built, an unwavering president still at odds with an unwavering House Speaker. Theres not going to be any more money in the legislation. So far, no deal has been reached by a bipart

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By Edward Yeranian Cairo 08 November 2009 The Iraqi parliament has approved a long delayed electoral law, amid bitter quarrels among Arab, Kurdish and Turkomen politicians. The electoral law is necessary for parliamentary elections to be held close

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Solar power is helping bring about a future of cleaner energy, but there are limits to where rigid solar panels can go. A new kind of flexible solar cell made with a mineral called perovskite can go almost anywhere, says physicist Olga Malinkiewicz.

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One look at Movie Director and Writer Lena Han, and its obvious she doesnt fit the Hollywood director stereotype. Its very hard to be a female filmmaker in Hollywood. That is for sure. I think they feel like you dont have as much authority, or you ca

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By Terry FitzPatrick Cape Town 12 November 2007 During South Africa's apartheid era, many of the nation's black activists were detained in a notorious island prison near Cape Town. A new film is revealing a bit of hidden history about prison life. Th

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University of Washington doctors are seen here doing heart surgeries using catheters. These long tubes reaching into the heart allow doctors to perform non-invasive heart surgery. Doctor Mark Reisman is better at it now when he gets to practice by us

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a dealer
A. R.
acute pyonephrosis
alternative test method
am on the watch for
anger insteads
blister blights
card-to-magnetic tape converter
clear way valve
closed reactor
common-cathode double diode
contravariant system
conventionally cooled generator
cylindrical type electrolytic condenser
distribution steel
feigned commodity transaction
felt-tip pens
final connector
fissionable atom
global positioning satellite (gps)
independent feeder
indirect least squares (ils)
K electrons
linear pattern of chains
long rail string
marine animal
milk cyst
needle gun
net profit to sales
old beans
one moment, please
onter integument
operand bus
operation game
organic reactant
oxygen content of condensate
partner plate
peripheral interface software
plastic zone
poecilopsetta natalensis
possibility of reverter
pseudotaxus chienii(cheng)cheng
quasilinear model
radio center
regularizing variable
Rhizoctonia crocorum
right now
second homotopy theorem
shiplap joint
Siberut, Pulau
spoiler alerts
st. croix r.
static memory elements
symmetrical solute band
target nuclide
text command set
tissue biopsy
tooth abscess
transmission synchromesh
traveling field
underwater demolition and reconnaissance group
wet back boiler
working capacity
zeroed out