to swing by 顺访 英文释义 To visit casually; to go to a place for a short timewithout elaborate preparation. 例句 When I am in his neighborhood, I like to swing by my old friend's office for a cup of tea, simplycalling him that morning first

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to sweeten the deal 提供优惠 英文释义 To add inducements to a proposed businesstransaction in order to make it more appealing. (NOTE: also to sweeten up the deal) 例句 Although the initial price I offered to my potential buyer was already l

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to hold someone accountable向某人问责 英文释义 To request a complete and formal explanation fromsomeone for their actions. (ALSO to hold someoneto account) 例句 If either mismanagement or corruption within the company is discovered, the bo

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in a nutshell 简而言之 英文释义 Summarized succinctly. 例句 This morning without warning the companys ownermade a very long, complicated speech to us but in a nutshell, were going out of businessthis month, and we all need to find new jobs.今

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to not say boo一言不发 英文释义 To say nothing at all. 例句 I heard the bad news at work yesterday, but Idecided not to say boo to my coworkers because it might merely be a false rumor.昨天,我在工作时听到了这个坏消息,但我

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to want something in the worst way 特别渴望某事 英文释义 To want something very much. 例句 Since becoming the parent of a new baby, mypersonal expenses are increasing and since I haveworked hard at my company, I now want a promotion in th

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questionable practice 有问题的做法 英文释义 An action or procedure that may be unwise orillegal (NOTE: usually followed by preposition of) 例句 The new manager intends to stop the little company's questionable practice of lettingemployees

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to be high-handed 独断专行的 英文释义 To act in an arrogant manner, ignoring the feelingsor opinions of others 例句 The thoughtful CEO did not want to be high-handed, so he involved all his managers in thedecision-making process and listen

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to set sail 启航 英文释义 To embark on a journey by ship (NOTE: often usedin reference to starting a new project) 例句Next month my daughter will begin her university studies andset sailon a new chapter in herlife.下个月,我女儿将入大

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to draw a crowd 吸引观众 英文释义 To attract a large group of people. 例句 The clever display in front of our store will draw acrowd, and, hopefully, some of those people will make purchases from us.我们店前的巧妙陈列肯定能吸引一

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to accelerate changes 加速改变 英文释义 To encourage changes and take actions that enablethem to occur more quickly than they wouldotherwise. 例句 A dependable new electrical supply for the impoverished region will help to acceleratechanges

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to shoot the breeze 闲谈 英文释义 To make casual conversation about nothing inparticular. 例句 I like to telephone my brother every week withoutintending to seek any specific information or advice,but just to shoot the breeze. 我通常每周都

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cash-strapped 现金紧张的 英文释义 Having very little money available for spending(NOTE: to be strapped means to be limited inaction because one has no money) 例句 The cash-strapped new company struggled every month to pay its basic expense

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英文释义 An unresolved issue; any matter involvingcontrasting opinions that has not been decided. 例句 Competition is fierce between the two rivals, and whowill win is still completely an open question.两个对手之间的竞争非常激烈,谁

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the devil is in the details 魔鬼在细节里 英文释义 Traditional expression meaning that small aspects ofa large project may sometimes prove to be sodifficult to conquer that the larger objective cannotbe accomplished. 例句 While the company

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to be rife with 充满 英文释义To be filled completely with例句Our customer service operations were rife with problems that needed attention. 我们的客服运营部门到处都是要注意解决的问题。

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to nail a sale 完成一项销售任务 英文释义 To complete a sale 例句 My younger brother was an ambitious salesman who bragged that he always liked to nail a sale everyday before lunch. 我弟弟是个胸有大志的销售员,自诩喜欢在

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low-maintenance 低保养率 英文释义 Requiring very little attention or special care to keep in good condition 例句 The busy young executive woman preferred a low-maintenance hairstyle that took very little effort. 这位年青的女经理人因

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a fake-out 骗人的把戏 英文释义 A trick intended to cheat or confuse例句The dishonest young clerk tried a clever fake-out to cover his mistakes at work, but his boss noticed them anyway. 这位不诚实的员工想了一个巧妙的把戏来掩

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to clue someone in 提供信息 英文释义To tell someone a secret, or to tell someone something obvious that everyone else seems to know. 例句Our company is doing so poorly that it will probably fail next month; maybe we should clue the owner in

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