cat catch center chair change cheek chicken child children circle class classroom clean climb clock cloth cloud coffee color come computer cook corner count cow crocodile cross cup cupboard cut d dance dark day desk dig dinning dirty dislike do does

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sentence7 seven 七 she 她 ship装运 shelf 架子shirt 衬衫 shoe鞋 shot 射击 show 展现 signed 签字的 scene 风景 sit 坐 six 六 scold 责骂 sky天空 slept睡着的 sleep睡觉 snore打呼噜 snake蛇 socker袜子 sober冷静的 sum总和

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Word list a a about after afternoon again all am an and animal answer apple arm armchair around as at auditorium b back badminton bag ball ball pen banana base baseball basketball bath bathroom beach beautiful bed bedroom begin behind beside between

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[00:00.00]Unit 12 [00:02.16]What are they doing? [00:04.75]1.Let's talk about it. [00:09.79]What are they doing? [00:12.49]They are writing. [00:15.01]writing [00:16.81]phoning painting [00:20.70]eating and drinking [00:23.11]flying talking [00:26.60

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[00:00.00]unit 13 [00:02.23]Can you do it? [00:04.10]1.Let's talk about it. [00:09.72]Can you fly the kite? [00:12.82]Yes,I can. [00:14.51]Can you walk like me?Yes,I can. [00:19.73]Do it please.OK.Can you swim like a fish?Yes,I can. [00:26.32]Great,d

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[00:00.00]Unit 14 [00:02.92]Goats' family is at the beach. [00:06.12]1.Let's talk about it. [00:10.73]It's a sunny day.Goats' family is at the beach. [00:16.92]They're having a good time. [00:19.33]Look!Granny Goat likes reading a book. [00:23.15]Bil

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[00:00.00]Unit 15 [00:02.74]A birthday party [00:04.61]1.Let's talk about it. [00:09.54]Sing a happy birthday song. [00:13.54]Blow out candles first! [00:17.42]Make a wish. [00:19.51]Eat birthday cakes. [00:23.00]Watch videos. [00:25.42]Open presents

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Unit 17 Assessment Part I Listen and draw along I W: Look! Thats a big elephant. M: Yes, its purple elephant. W: Put the elephant on the bus. M: OK, put the elephant on the bus. II W: Can you see a tiger? M: Yes, its a yellow tiger. W: Ok, put the ti

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