Two Have you ever bought any insurance? 你买过保险吗? 1 Introduction A Many more people buy insurance in America than in China. One reason is that Americans have more cars and they must get car insurance. There are different kinds of insurance poli

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Unit 5 Employment One How is your job search going? 你的工作找得怎么样了? 1 Introduction The textbooks and classes in school and college can only teach some of the materials for work. Because each different job has slightly different policies and p

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Unit 2 Beliefs One Do you believe in God? 你有什么宗教信仰吗? 1 Introduction A Most Westerners are Christians. Some go to churches as often as twice a week, some less often. Religious services include the singing of songs and listening to speakers,

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Two I love going to the mall. 我爱逛商

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Four International Marriage. 涉外婚姻 1 Introduction A Perhaps more than ever before, people from very different cultures marry each other. Such intercultural and interracial marriages have been more common in countries like America and Canada where

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Six A shouting match? 一场争吵比赛? 1 Introduction A American humor often confuses the Chinese. The American sense of the comedic is quite different from the Chinese. When Americans tell a joke to the Chinese, the looks of puzzlement are simply gol

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Unit 6 Housing 住房问题 One Do you rent an apartment or own it? 你租房住,还是住自己的房? 1 Introduction The issue of housing is something that China and America generally have in common. In the U.S., like here, houses and apartments are usually mo

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Four How much did this painting cost? 这幅画多少钱? 1 Introduction A Many Americans love adventures. They are often interested in exploring other cultures when they have a chance to. When they return from their vacations, they usually bring back so

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Three Have you wrapped your Christmas presents? 你的圣诞礼物包好了吗? 1 Introduction A Whereas the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year), Americas most popular holiday is Christmas. As Chinese kids

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Two Well just get a doggie bag. 我们就将剩菜打包。 1 Introduction A It is impolite to begin a meal until everyone is seated. It is also considered impolite to chew food with an open mouth, or to talk while chewing anything. 在他人落座之前就开始就餐

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Unit 7 Social Issues One Breaking the law. 违法 1 Introduction Most Americans never have any contact with the police except for traffic violations. However,when other Americans break the law, they are supposed to be guaranteed a fair trial. If it i

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Two About society. 关于社会 1 Introduction A Some people find its very meaningful to be kind to the young and care for the old. America is a wealthy nation, but it has many problems like poverty and loneliness. So, many people volunteer their time t

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Three How often do you work out? 每隔多久锻炼一次? 1 Introduction A Concerning physical exercise, American men and women, boys and girls, generally fall into one of two categories. Many Americans are extremely over weight and seldom exercise. One t

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Unit 1 Differences in Culture and Customs One You must have been here a long time already. 你肯定在这里等了很久了。 1 Introduction A Being on time is considered good manners. Its not polite to be late for classes, meetings, or appointments. When we

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Two My mom likes to live alone. 我妈妈喜欢一个人

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Five You cant change a childs behavior by using force! 你不能用武力改变一个小孩的行为! 1 Introduction In America, children are well protected by law. If parents beat or kick their kids and the police know that, the bruises on the kids can cause the

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Unit 4 Entertainment One Lets take a vacation ! 我们去度假吧! 1 Introduction A Americans are very mobile, and travel is very popular for many people. In America, when people take a vacation, they often drive a car. Some families travel far within th

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Three Why did your parents have so many? 为什么你父母要这么多孩子? 1 Introduction A Many American couples that can not have a baby come to Asia to adopt babies. 许多不能生育的美国夫妻来亚洲领养小孩。 B Some Americans think abortion is very cruel an

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Two Here comes the bride. 新娘来了。 1 Introduction A Some American men have this thinking - why buy the cow if you can get all your milk free? 一些美国男人有这种思想如果你可以免费得到牛奶的话,那又何必去买头奶牛呢?(这句话有很明显的引申意义:身边

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Unit 3 Family One Modern dating 现代约会 1 Introduction A For millions of singles, e-mail has become an essential tool in the dating game. It's a good tool for casually getting to know people. It expedites the whole dating routine. 对于成百万的单身

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