Margaret was a small girl. She was a little girl. All her friends were taller than her. She was shorter than all her friends. She wanted to be tall. Her mom told her not to worry. One day Margaret would be tall. One day she would be taller than her f

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Daniel wanted to visit a farm. He asked his parents to take him to a farm. His teacher told him about the animals on a farm. There are lots of animals on a farm. Daniel wanted to see the animals. He wanted to see the cows. He wanted to see the chicke

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Dorothy will be ten years old next month. She is excited. Ten years old is very old. She will not be a little kid anymore. A nine-year-old kid is just a little kid. A ten-year-old kid is almost an adult. Nine is only one number, but 10 is two numbers

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Lisa loves to go shopping. Tomorrow she is going shopping. She needs a new pair of shoes. She wants to buy a pair of red shoes. She thinks red shoes are pretty. She will buy a pair of shoes at the mall. Lisa usually shops at the mall. The mall is onl

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Mark bought a new car last week. He is happy with his new car. He got a good deal on his new car. It was on sale. His new car is green. The four tires are black. His new car has four doors. It has one trunk. The spare tire is in the trunk. All new ca

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Karen is on the swim team. She is on the swim team at school. She is a good swimmer. All the swimmers on the swim team are good swimmers. She swims every day. She goes to the pool after her last class. Her last class is her English class. After Engli

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Bettys doctor told her to exercise more. So she began running. She enjoys running. She runs almost every day. She runs two miles a day. On the weekend she runs five miles. She runs up hills. She runs down hills. She runs in the street and on the side

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Helen is unhappy with her mother. Her mother is unhappy with Helen. They are both unhappy with each other. Helen has a boyfriend. His name is Peter. Her mother doesnt like Peter. Her mother said that Peter is rude. Why did she say that? Because Peter

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Thomas was not hot. He was not warm either. He was cold. The weather was not hot. The weather was not warm either. The weather was cold. Thomas did not like to be cold. He looked for his jacket. He found his jacket. He put on his jacket. But he was s

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Patricia did not have much time. It was time to go to work. She did not want to be late for work. She would lose her job if she was late. She finished her coffee. She drank the last drop. She put the coffee cup in the kitchen sink. She turned on the

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Mike was ready for bed. It was 11 oclock. He had to get up early the next day. The next day he was going fishing. Fish wake up early. They look for food early in the day. They look for food late in the day. The best time to fish is early or late in t

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Joseph never opens the front door. When someone knocks on the front door, Joseph says, Who is it? But he does not open the door. His parents told him to keep the door closed. His parents want him to be safe. He will be safe if he doesnt open the door

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Jennifer pulled the trash can out to the street. She pulled the trash can out to the street on Monday morning. Monday was trash day. The trash truck came to her house. The truck had a metal arm. The metal arm picked up the trash can. It raised the tr

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Johnny jumped over the dog. The dog was lying on the ground. Johnny jumped over it. The dog saw Johnny jump over it. The dog got up. The dog got up and barked at Johnny. Johnny laughed. He laughed while the dog barked. Johnny ran over to the fence. T

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Mary ate a blueberry. She loved blueberries. Then she ate a blackberry. She loved blackberries. Then she ate a strawberry. She loved strawberries. Mary was confused. A blueberry is blue, so you call it a blueberry. A blackberry is black, so you call

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George is going to make a salad. He is going to make a simple salad. It will be a simple salad, but it will also be delicious. His salad will have only two ingredients. One ingredient is fresh cucumber. A cucumber is dark green and long. George will

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Kenneth cleaned his apartment. He emptied the trash. He washed the dirty dishes. He looked in his bathroom. The sink and bathtub were dirty. He scrubbed the sink and bathtub. He looked in his bedroom. Clothes were on the floor. He picked up the cloth

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Brenda sang a song. She sang the song while she walked to school. The name of the song was Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Brenda liked to sing this song. It was her favorite song to sing. She sang it every day while she walked to school. Sometimes she sang

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Brian sat down for dinner. He sat down in the chair. He sat down at the table. He looked at his white plate. He looked at his silver fork. He looked at his silver spoon. His dad said, Pass me your plate, Brian. His dad put white rice on the plate. Hi

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Paul has a red bicycle. He loves his red bicycle. He got the red bicycle for his ninth birthday. His parents gave him his bike when he was nine. He takes care of his bike. He puts air in both tires. He puts air in the front tire. He puts air in the r

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