[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 7 Sports Task 1 At the Sports Shop [00:03.60]第七单元 运动 作业1 在体育商店 [00:07.20]Wow! They have everyt- hing here. Look at all the different types of racquets they have. [00:10.26]哇,这里什么都

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 5 Entertainment at Home Task 1 Captain Corelli's Mandolin [00:03.47]第五单元 家庭娱乐 作业1 船长Corell i的 曼陀林 [00:06.95]Exercise 1,2 and 3 I've just read the most wonderful book- [00:14.74]练习1,

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 3 Eating and Drinking Task 1 Recipes [00:12.91]第三单元 吃与喝 作业1 处方 [00:25.81]Exercise 1 Welcome to the first in a new series of cookery programmes [00:28.75]欢迎来到新的系列烹饪 节目 [00:

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 6 Travel Task 1 When things go wrong [00:11.21]第六单元 旅行 作业1 当东西发生故障时 [00:22.43]Excuse me, could you give some information please? [00:24.70]打扰一下,你能给我 一些信息吗?

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 8 Theatre, Cinema and Concert Task I The Edinburgh Festival [00:12.49]第八单元 剧院,电影院 和音乐会 作业1 爱丁堡戏剧节 [00:24.98]Edinburgh Festival Booking Office. Can I help you? [00:35.06]爱丁

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 1 Shopping Task 1 Supermarket Confusion Exercises 1 and 2 [00:11.92]第一单元 购物 作业1 超市混乱 练习 [00:23.83]Barbara, you lived in China in the late eighties, didn't you? [00:26.62]芭芭拉,你生活

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 2 Gatherings and Celebrations The 21st Birthday Party [00:04.37]第二单元 聚会和庆祝 生日聚会 [00:08.75]Hi, Jenny, how are you?Oh hi, Xiao Li! I'm fine, how are you? Okay, thanks. [00:12.71]你好,詹妮,

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[by:lrc.enook.cn] [00:00.00]Unit 4 Home Improvements Task I Having the House Redecorated [00:11.72]第四单元 家庭改善 作业1 重新装修房屋 [00:23.44]Oh hello, Mr. Brogan. I'm glad you could come today, [00:25.47]你好,Brogan 先生。

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