[00:08.80]PRE-READING [00:25.57]LIFE ON THE GO [00:31.74]Wang mei puts her hand into her pocket, [00:37.38]takes out her red cellphone and presses the talk key. [00:44.75]Hi,mum! I'm on the bus.I should be home in about ten minutes. [00:53.39]Wang Me

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[00:-1.00]WARMING UP [00:-2.00]Discussing the four questions on page 71, [00:-3.00]something about some musical instruments in cluding the wind instrument, [00:-4.00]First,look up at the following pictures [00:-5.00]about musical instrument and name

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[00:-1.00]Discuss these questions with your partner. [00:-2.00]1.How do plants and animals live together? [00:-3.00]2.What do human beings need to survive? [00:-4.00]3.What do plants and animals need to survive? [00:-5.00]4.What do animals do to surv

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[00:-1.00]WARMING UP [00:-2.00]When Farmers cut down trees,tigers can no longer hide and hunt. [00:-3.00]Many tigers are killed by people [00:-4.00]who want to sell their fur and use their bones for medicine. [00:-5.00]There are few areas left where

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[00:11.60]WARMING UP [00:16.04]How many new uses can you think of for the folowing items? [00:36.49]reminds us of the appearance of nanotechnology, [00:53.76]according to which nothing is useless and [01:04.91]no garbage or waste material to speak of

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[00:27.19]THE OLYMPIC GAMES [00:31.63]Every four years athletes from all over the world [00:38.71]take part in the Olympic Games. [00:44.04]Both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games are held every four years. [00:52.09]The Winter Olympic Games are hel

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[00:10.29]Join all the single and isolated sentences into two or three passages. [00:28.03] LISTENING [00:33.80]Report 1 [00:38.35]What sport were they playing? (Basketball) [00:48.80]The los Angeles Lakers(won against/beat/defeated )the Miami Heat.

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[00:-1.00]WARMING UP [00:-2.00]Who paints Mona Lisa?Leonardo da Vinci. [00:-3.00]Is he a great painter?Yes,but more than that. [00:-4.00]painter,universal,genius sculptor,arechitect,military engineer,musician [00:-5.00]Art and literrature [00:-6.00]A

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[00:-1.00]PRE-READING [00:-2.00]1 What kind of music do you like? [00:-3.00]2 When you listen to a song,do you listen to the words or the music? [00:-4.00]3 Do you play any musical instrument?What is your favourite instrument? [00:-5.00]4 Do you like

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[00:-1.00]WARMING UP [00:-2.00]When you do the three exercises on pags 15 [00:-3.00]try to use as many Ws and Hs as you can. [00:-4.00]What are the Ws and Hs? [00:-5.00]They are who,what,when,where,why,how,long how soon,many,how much,etc.and etc. [00

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[00:-1.00]Why do people travel? [00:-2.00]Well,many people travel because they want to see other countries [00:-3.00]and visit places that are famous,interesting or beautiful. [00:-4.00]People also travel to meet new friends,to try new kinds of food,

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[00:-1.00]Do this section all by yourselves and look up in the dictionary [00:-2.00]Whatever necessary but unfamiliar in giving answers to the two questions. [00:-3.00]Then try to learn them by heart. [00:-4.00]Better listen to the tape reading it on

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[00:-1.00]CHUCK'S FRIEND [00:-2.00]In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland. [00:-3.00]Chuck is a businessman who is always so busy [00:-4.00]that he has little time for his friends. [00:-5.00]He is a successful manager in a c

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[00:-1.00]Listen to the description of the three cultural sites. [00:-2.00]Complete the map of each site based on what you hear on the tape. [00:-3.00]List the names and the importance of the sites, [00:-4.00]and what is being done to protect them. [

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[00:-1.00]PRE-READING [00:-2.00]Do this section all by yourselves [00:-3.00]and look up in the dictionary all the five words in the chart [00:-4.00]on page 24 and find as many for-example sentences as you can. [00:-5.00]Then try to learn them by hear

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[00:-1.00]part 1 WARMING UP [00:-2.00]Oh,there you are.Now then,did you have a good flight? [00:-3.00]Sure,we flew all the way direct from Seattle to London. [00:-4.00]You must be very tired.Did you sleep at all on the plane? [00:-5.00]No,not really.

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[00:10.40]part1 WARMING UP [00:09.40]After completing the dialogues,act them out. [00:08.40]LISTENING Listen to the tape and answer the questions. [00:07.40]1.What are the problems that Bill and Cliff talk about? [00:06.40]1.(Taking the bike without

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[00:06.48]PRE-READING [00:28.32]in succession. [00:48.98]A CITV OF HEROES [01:08.02]Where there is a river, there is a city. [01:13.59] Perhaps this is not always true, [01:18.55] but it is true that many of the world's greatest cities [01:24.40] hav

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[00:-1.00]PRE-READING [00:-2.00]Do this section all by yourselves and try to add more detail to the rules [00:-3.00]READING [00:-4.00]Better listen to the tape before reading it on your own. [00:-5.00]Try to tell the main idea of the text before read

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[00:-1.00]Just read and do this section and do all the exerrcises on pages 18-19.Then: [00:-2.00]1.Put all the 9 words and expressions on page 19 and their English explanations into a compete discourse. [00:-3.00]If possilbe consult the English-Engli

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