-Penny:All of them? 所有的? -Sheldon:Really? 真的么? -Penny:Yeah. 是啊。 -Sheldon:Huh. -Penny:Okay, so we're getting this one? 那我们就买这个了? -Sheldon:Yeah, I suppose. 我想是的。 -Penny:All right, let's go. 好吧

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Round an' around an' around Round an' around an' around Round an' around an' around And around and around Oh, stop the world and let me off I'm tired of goin' round an' round I played the game of love and lost So stop the world and let me off My hear

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00:12.58]It's okay. Go on. 没关系,吃吧 [00:40.30]We came from MaryIand. We heard your message on the radio. 我们来自马里兰州 我们听到你的讯息 [00:44.54]We were at the pier at noon. We waited aII day. 我们中午到海港,等了

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[00:02.20](KlCKlNG) [00:03.33]嗷! Ow! [00:09.71]你在干吗? What are you doing? [00:11.01]吃汉堡包啊 你吃过吗? Eating a hamburger. Have you ever tried one? [00:13.94]当然 给你提供条免费消息 洛瓦人顿顿吃汉堡包 Yes. And

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唐顿庄园第一季第七集_15 [INT. KITCHENS - DAY] MRS BIRD I think we should start the ices now. If you agree, Mrs Patmore. MRS PATMORE Certainly, Mrs Bird. [The telephone rings and the cooks stop to look.] MRS PATMORE Oh, my Lord, listen to th

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I was in school when the ships came. 飞船降临时,我在学校 They were really big, 那些飞船很大 and they said that we weren't gonna attack them 大人们说不会用核弹 with the nuclear bombs 攻击他们 because they might have wante

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神探夏洛克第二季第三集_21 不 Nah. 你是普通人 You're ordinary. 你是普通人 你站在正义的天使一边 You're ordinary. You're on the side of the angels. 也许我是站在天使一边 Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, 但你

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His cloak was his crowning glory; sable, thick and black and soft assin. Bet he killed them all himself, he did, Gared told the barracks over wine, twisted their little heads off, our mighty warrior. They had all shared the laugh. 而他身上最耀眼

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[00:00.00]Lesson 1 [00:45.79]Narrator:Meet Sandy and Sue! [00:48.33]旁白:来见见桑迪和苏. [00:50.86]Narrator:This is Sue's class. [00:52.48]旁白:这是苏的班级. [00:54.10]Narrator:Her teacher's Mr Crisp. [00:56.42]旁白:她的老师是克

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-Sheldon:Smell that? 闻到没? That's the smell of new comic books. comic:连环漫画 新漫画书的味道。 -Howard:They're on me today, boys. 哥们,今儿个都算我账上。 -Raj:You're paying? 你付钱? Have you been selling your

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Hey, how are things going with your parents? 你父母的情况怎么样了? Not great. They hired divorce attorneys. 不太好。他们请了离婚律师。 You know, speaking of attorneys, if I ever needed a lawyer, I would not hire She-Hulk. 说到

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To George and Tom Keats, 23, 24 January 1818 My dear Brothers; I was thinking what hindered me from writing so long, for I have many things to say to you and know not where to begin. I think a little change has taken place in my intellectual latelyI

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[00:12]Day 3 [00:15.26]feature [00:16.66]Even a skilled writer [00:18.16]could not describe all the features [00:20.06]that make one face different from another. [00:24.71]function [00:26.29]What is his function on the committee? [00:30.7

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雅思写作考试第二部分为大作文,要求学生在40 分钟内完成一篇字数最少为250字的议论文写作,对试卷提供的某些观点进行讨论,或者对某些社会现象问题进行分析。这个部分在整个写作考试

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听歌学英语:清新节奏感小调 We Owned The Night 在以前的节目中我们介绍过Lady Antebellum的Need You Now,今天为大家带来的是他们第三张专辑Own The Night中的We Owned The Night(午夜情深)。2006年夏天,三位

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大家好,最近在新西兰,发现有不少的海外留学生在口语学习的时候,或多或少的存在着这样或者是那样的误区,结合到以前我在中国的教学经验,我认为有几点是大家需要注意的: 1、口语练

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释义: happen to know 偶然知道 happen to+动词表示偶然,I happen to know 表示偶然知道,Do you happen to know... ?表示你知道吗?等。 例句: I happen to know you kissed her in the car. 我偶然知道你在车里亲了她。

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释义: stay home 留在家里 stay 后面接副词的情况,在这里 home 为副词,stay home 表示不外出 (go out) ,留在家里。 例句: Do you mind if we stay home tonight? 你介意我们今天晚上待在家里吗? Do you want t

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释义: stay the same 没有变化,依旧 stay the same 表示完全没有变化,和原来一样。另外,stay (as) +名词表不(作为)留下。 例句: Everything is great! Everything stayed the same! 一切都很好!一切都和原来

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