Renting a Bicycle 租自行车 Kathy and Evan decide to tour Amsterdam as many people do, by bicycle. Kathy is talking with a renter of bicycles. 凯西和艾凡决定和许多人的做法一样── 骑自行车游览阿姆斯特丹。 凯西正和一

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Immigration 证照查验 Kathy goes through immigration in Amsterdam. An immigration agent asks her some questions. 凯西正要通过阿姆斯特丹的证照查验处。一名证照查验官员询问她几个问题。 A:Good morning. Welcome to the

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Customs 过关 Evan is at customs. The customs officer asks some questions. 艾凡正在海关处,海关官员询问他几个问题。 CO:Good morning, sir. May I see your passport? 官员:先生,早安。我可以看一下你的护照吗? E:Ye

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Information Desk 服务台 Evan approaches an Information Desk at Schipol Airport. An agent offers help. 艾凡走到席波机场的服务台,一名柜台人员帮忙他们。 E:Hi, miss. May I trouble you for a moment? 艾凡:嗨,小姐,我可以

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Last Break fast 最后一顿早餐 Evan and Mrs. Van Helsing sit next to each other at breakfast. 艾凡和凡?赫尔辛太太早餐时坐在一起。 V:So, today you are leaving, Evan? 老板:那么,艾凡,你们今天要走了,是不是?

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AtRembrandt'sHouse 林布兰博物馆 Kathy and Evan visit Rembrandt's house, a national museum. 凯西和艾凡参观国立林布兰博物馆。 E:Here we are! That didn't take so long. Everything's so close here. City Hall is just down the street,

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Rotterdam 鹿特丹 Kathy and Evan have left Amsterdam for a four-day tour of other attractions in the Netherlands. 凯西和艾凡离开阿姆斯特丹到荷兰其它的观光地点旅游四天。 E:Here we are! The second largest city in the Nether

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The Hague 海牙 The next city on Kathy and Evan's itinerary is The Hague. 凯西和艾凡行程上的下一个城市是海牙。 E:After the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, we can relax here in The Hague. 艾凡:在经历喧嚣扰攘的鹿特丹之后

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In the Park 在公园 Kathy and Evan are relaxing in Vondel Park. 凯西和艾凡正在梵代尔公园休息。 K:You know, Evan, we really lucked out. I can't believe how great the weather has been while we've been here. 凯西:艾凡,你知道,

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The Soccer Stadium 足球场 Kathy and Evan take a look at Amsterdam's soccer stadium. 凯西和艾凡参观一下阿姆斯特丹的足球场。 K:Man, this place is big! 凯西:天啊,这地方真大! E:It has to be. Soccer is the number one s

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Packing 整理行囊 Kathy and Evan prepare to leave the hostel in Amsterdam. 凯西和艾凡准备离开阿姆斯特丹的青年旅社。 K:Aw, I don't want to leave, Evan. 凯西:噢,艾凡,我不想走。 E:Nor do I, but we have to get going

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CheckingOut 办理退房 Evan checks out at the counter with Mrs. Van Helsing. 艾凡在柜台向凡?赫尔辛太太办理退房。 E:Mrs. Van Helsing, we're ready to check out now. 艾凡:凡?赫尔辛太太,我们现在准备好要退房了。

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The Flat lands 平坦大地 Kathy and Evan leave Amsterdam to continue their journey through Europe. 凯西和艾凡离开阿姆斯特丹,继续他们游欧洲的行程。 K:Gee, this land is so flat! 凯西:咦,这里的地真是平坦! E:Th

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Stopping for Gas 停车加油 Kathy and Evan finish their picture taking and continue driving. 凯西和艾凡拍完照后继续开车。 E:Uh-oh. My gas gauge is way down. I'd better stop someplace for gas. 艾 凡:糟了。车子油表指针降到底

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Using a Road Map 使用道路地图 After filling up with gas at the gas station, Kathy and Evan continue their drive from the Netherlands into Germany. 在加油站加满汽油后,凯西和艾凡继续从荷兰开车进入德国。 E:Did I get bac

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Fixing a Flat Tire 更换爆胎 Evan encounters an unwelcome surprise in his plans. 艾凡遇到了一件不愉快的意外事件。 K:Copenhagen! I can't wait! I hope the border crossing into Denmark is as smooth as it was into Germanr. 凯西: 哥本

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The Perfect Picnic Spot 完美的野餐地点 Kathy and Evan decide to finish Mrs. Van Helsing's lunch as a picnic rather than stop in a restaurant. 凯西和艾凡决定以野餐的方式解决凡?赫尔辛太太准备的午餐而不上餐馆。 K:G

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Setting Up for the Picnic 做好野餐准备 At the pond's edge, Kathy and Evan set up for their picnic. 凯西和艾凡在池塘边做好野餐准备。 E:Well, I've unloaded the trunk. Everything we need is here, I think. 艾凡:嗯,我已经把后

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The Dikes 堤防 A day at a beach on the North Sea. Kathy and Evan see their first dikes. 北海海滩一日游。凯西和艾凡毕生第一次看到堤防。 K:It's really heavenly here. It's not hot at all. 凯西:这里真是人间天堂。天气

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Taking a Walk 散步 After their lunch, Kathy and Evan decide to take a walk around the pond and through the woods. 午餐后,凯西和艾凡决定沿着池塘及穿过森林散步。 K:The summers are so great here! Not hot at all. I love the cool

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