You Know My Name 007之皇家赌场主题曲 演唱者:Chris Cornell 有网友说,歌词写得很好,很符合电影中007的处境,在一个生死一瞬间的环境中,不能依靠任何人只能靠自己的那种感觉摇滚乐团音魔合唱

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新英语口语900句 Going out for the evening 参加晚会 526. How long did the party last? 晚会持续了多长时间? 527. The movie started at half past eight and ended at ten. 电影从8点半开始放映到10点结束。 528. Will you go t

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Renting a Bicycle 租自行车 Kathy and Evan decide to tour Amsterdam as many people do, by bicycle. Kathy is talking with a renter of bicycles. 凯西和艾凡决定和许多人的做法一样── 骑自行车游览阿姆斯特丹。 凯西正和一

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-Penny:All of them? 所有的? -Sheldon:Really? 真的么? -Penny:Yeah. 是啊。 -Sheldon:Huh. -Penny:Okay, so we're getting this one? 那我们就买这个了? -Sheldon:Yeah, I suppose. 我想是的。 -Penny:All right, let's go. 好吧

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Last Break fast 最后一顿早餐 Evan and Mrs. Van Helsing sit next to each other at breakfast. 艾凡和凡?赫尔辛太太早餐时坐在一起。 V:So, today you are leaving, Evan? 老板:那么,艾凡,你们今天要走了,是不是?

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Immigration 证照查验 Kathy goes through immigration in Amsterdam. An immigration agent asks her some questions. 凯西正要通过阿姆斯特丹的证照查验处。一名证照查验官员询问她几个问题。 A:Good morning. Welcome to the

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Rotterdam 鹿特丹 Kathy and Evan have left Amsterdam for a four-day tour of other attractions in the Netherlands. 凯西和艾凡离开阿姆斯特丹到荷兰其它的观光地点旅游四天。 E:Here we are! The second largest city in the Nether

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Information Desk 服务台 Evan approaches an Information Desk at Schipol Airport. An agent offers help. 艾凡走到席波机场的服务台,一名柜台人员帮忙他们。 E:Hi, miss. May I trouble you for a moment? 艾凡:嗨,小姐,我可以

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In the Park 在公园 Kathy and Evan are relaxing in Vondel Park. 凯西和艾凡正在梵代尔公园休息。 K:You know, Evan, we really lucked out. I can't believe how great the weather has been while we've been here. 凯西:艾凡,你知道,

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Lesson 5 Pigeon He has just bought twelve pigeons. The pigeon is a beautiful and genteel bird. In the past ,pigeons were used to send important messages. message Yesterday,a pigeon carried the first message from Pinhurst to Silbury. Would you mind gi

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The Flat lands 平坦大地 Kathy and Evan leave Amsterdam to continue their journey through Europe. 凯西和艾凡离开阿姆斯特丹,继续他们游欧洲的行程。 K:Gee, this land is so flat! 凯西:咦,这里的地真是平坦! E:Th

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mutilate 使残缺不全;歪曲 His left hand was mutilated and there was something wrong with his ankle. 他左手手指残缺不全,脚踝带伤。 I hate that false plan of mutilating the truth. 我痛恨那个歪曲真相的虚伪计划。 ch

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CheckingOut 办理退房 Evan checks out at the counter with Mrs. Van Helsing. 艾凡在柜台向凡?赫尔辛太太办理退房。 E:Mrs. Van Helsing, we're ready to check out now. 艾凡:凡?赫尔辛太太,我们现在准备好要退房了。

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The Hague 海牙 The next city on Kathy and Evan's itinerary is The Hague. 凯西和艾凡行程上的下一个城市是海牙。 E:After the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, we can relax here in The Hague. 艾凡:在经历喧嚣扰攘的鹿特丹之后

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AtRembrandt'sHouse 林布兰博物馆 Kathy and Evan visit Rembrandt's house, a national museum. 凯西和艾凡参观国立林布兰博物馆。 E:Here we are! That didn't take so long. Everything's so close here. City Hall is just down the street,

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Stopping for Gas 停车加油 Kathy and Evan finish their picture taking and continue driving. 凯西和艾凡拍完照后继续开车。 E:Uh-oh. My gas gauge is way down. I'd better stop someplace for gas. 艾 凡:糟了。车子油表指针降到底

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如何学好英语,超棒的方法 作为一个英语学习爱好者,本人总结下十多年来的英语学习心得,希望给想要学好英语的朋友一些帮助。不管是学英语,还是做其它事情,都是由浅到深的一个过程

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